Photo of my GG Grandparents William and Maryette (Clark) Barber

Donated by: JoAnn Bernice Barber Clupper










A close cousin to me whom I’ve just been contacted by – Donated by: JoAnn Bernice Barber Clupper she is granddaughter of Grant & Lydia (Barr) Barber Daughter of Solomon & Pearl (Clark) Barber- Grant is brother to my G Grandmother Ada May Barber whom was married to George Allen whom had my Grandfather Alvin Allen~

I have been contacted by Perry Reid

He is a descendant and tribal member of the Canarsee Tribe – had a wonderful phone conversation with him yesterday – seems we are cousins! He has welcomed me to visit him on Long Island and has offer to give me a guide of the area – along with an invite to their Thunder Bird Pow Wow sometime in July (emailing details) So will try to plan this years trip around this time – Veronica Hawkins (my cousin and best friend) and I are planning a trip with our husbands this year – hopefully Jaybird (My husband Jay Dubois) can join us (schedules conflict) –
1st stop is (Brooklyn, Queens, New York area) Mr. Reid stated he still walks the ancient lands of the Carnarsee people frequently – he is on board with my research and we both are looking forward to learning about each other and recording all we can on this research of our ancestors~