ABT Coni Dubois

Hi 🖐 I am Coni,

I’ve been a family historian & genealogist for over 30+ years now and have traced over 70,000+ people in my research which has touched all major parts of early American history from the 1600s to the 1800s.

I have traveled extensively to NY, CT, RI. MI, IN, MI, IN & MA along with Block Island on my quest to find my roots.

I’m also the head Genealogist for the tribe of Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village in Barkhamsted Connecticut, along with being a true descendant of this line~

I’m working closely with several Archeologist, Professors, Historians, Historical Societies, genealogists, family members along with other researchers on the Chagum’s/Chagam/Chaugham/Shawgum lines and their history. If you are a descendant then please feel free to join The Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village Facebook Group.

– I’m not much of a writer – but great at researching – so excuse any mistakes.

I welcome ANY corrections or help~

©Coni (Allen) Dubois~