I have been doing a lot of reading~

Update on my research:
I have close to 50 books that I’ve recently collected that needs to be added to my files~
I also have been working on the Penhawitz lineage –
doing all the research I can on them at the moment~
I will be making a new book on Penhawitz in a couple of weeks –
a lot of updates and info will be added~
I’ve been asked to speak at the University of Connecticut
by Timothy H. Ives, Ph.D. in the Department of Anthropology in April –
Really excited – been working on my presentation and putting everything together –
will be my very 1st speaking event~
I’m also planning a trip to Long Island this summer – very crucial for my research –
hope to visit with the Chiefs of the tribes also on LIsland~
I have been super busy with my children these past few weeks –
all 3 of my daughters moved or are moving –
Plus with Kiki my granddaughter and what happened to her last week –
I’ve been steadily going~
Genealogy is not only a hobby for me it is a passion –
it is fun and I love to do it –
miss it when I can’t get to it~