BLVD Association

BLVD = Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village Descendant’s Association

OUR FACEBOOK GROUP: Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village

Our goal is to bring together and connect into the “Ever Widening Circle” descendants of Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village lineage; also to inform and update on the Chagum history and latest research to our association members.

10 Year Gathering in July 2025


  1. I will need contact info, address, phone & email this will be for our descendants/contacts list for newsletters etc – THIS INFORMATION IS KEPT PRIVATE. We are working on a current mailing and descendant list at this time and will keep you informed of any updates. Note: Please make sure we have current info.
  2. There WILL BE an Association membership fee set at $50.00 per family (parent’s & children) all the money collected will be put in a BLVD fund (we are in process of setting up) and all funds will be used for event’s and such. NOTE: There will be a committee to oversee once we get all of it worked out.
  3. There will also be a research fee if we we have to verify more – this will be based on if we have to do the research to connect you! NOTE: Fee is determined by the researcher who does work for you. Price will vary.
  4. I will need to know how you link to the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village and PROOF of descendant, I have a lot on this line, so more than likely I can prove it via my research – if not, then you will have to prove it through your research. Please keep in mind all you contribute for proof will be included in our research.
  5. We will be sending out 2 newsletter’s a year – June and December and will need family members to send in important events such as birth, death, marriages, etc.

This will forever be part of history and I truly want to record all we can for future generations.

To download Our BLVD packet to fill out: Click here

Mail completed packet back to:

Coni Dubois
PO Box 1089
Gray, LA 70359

If you are interested in becoming a member?

Please contact me via this form to get you started.

Once we get everything up and running we will be offering each Descendant/Member a ID card.

NOTE: “ID card’s will be of NO value – only to show you are a true descendant~

This is just a sample… We will be creating a new one.

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