Will be updating books just updated – should have them available tonight~

Due to some correction and oversight on my part I truly need to make an updated version of both books I just published – takes some time to create them and convert them then download them to areas to be view for you all~ Can view in the Research Books area – check dates will be today’s dates once finished~ All thur this research I have to create each individuals files – after much research and reading of books I’ve come to the conclusion that Cockenoe and Checkachoggin are 2 different people – I along with several other people believed they were the same person – I now know this to be false -both are Tackapousha‘s sons thou – which in turn I had to create and transfer the checkachoggin info over – during all of this I had forgot to delete the records from Cockenoe that wasn’t his – Have had a lot going on here – with Grandbaby and such didn’t recheck things~