William Wilson (update)

This is from my personal blog Echo’s of Lost Footsteps wanted to share here 🙂

In my search for William Wilson’s Revolutionary War records, I was beginning to think that he wasn’t in the war or that he wasn’t a white man as people claim him to be, as I couldn’t find anything at all connecting him & the Revolutionary War.  Then right in front of my face, right here on Ever Widening Circle blog on the right hand side in a list of Links for the Chagum/Lighthouse Tribe is a gleem of hope!

The link is the the Barkhamsted Soldiers Memorial, it is a list of soldiers that fought in different wars. Right there 3rd from the last name is William Wilson!! I have hope that he served! Now my search is renewed! I am determined to find William Wilson in records of the Revolutionary War!

Like I said in a previous post on my blog, I have found 6 ancestors that served in the Revolutionary War, and I have submitted a request to get an application to the DAR, (Daughter’s of American Revolution), so I am hoping that once I become a member that I will have access to more of their records & I will be able to find him!!

Much Love from Michigan, Sherry

One thought on “William Wilson (update)

  1. I found this… He is recorded as a “Barkhamsted Man” in the Honor Roll of Litchfield County Revolutionary Soldiers who served during the Revolutionary War. This book was written by Josephine Ellis Richards and published by The D.A.R. in Litchfield, Connecticut in 1912. He is also recorded in the Register of Revolutionary Soldiers and Patriots buried in Litchfield County. This book was written by Joyce MacKenzie Cropsey and published by the D.A.R. by Phoenix Publishing in Canaan, New Hampshire. In this notation it indicates his father was Joseph Wilson.


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