Photo of my GG Grandparents William and Maryette (Clark) Barber

Donated by: JoAnn Bernice Barber Clupper










A close cousin to me whom I’ve just been contacted by – Donated by: JoAnn Bernice Barber Clupper she is granddaughter of Grant & Lydia (Barr) Barber Daughter of Solomon & Pearl (Clark) Barber- Grant is brother to my G Grandmother Ada May Barber whom was married to George Allen whom had my Grandfather Alvin Allen~

I have been contacted by Perry Reid

He is a descendant and tribal member of the Canarsee Tribe – had a wonderful phone conversation with him yesterday – seems we are cousins! He has welcomed me to visit him on Long Island and has offer to give me a guide of the area – along with an invite to their Thunder Bird Pow Wow sometime in July (emailing details) So will try to plan this years trip around this time – Veronica Hawkins (my cousin and best friend) and I are planning a trip with our husbands this year – hopefully Jaybird (My husband Jay Dubois) can join us (schedules conflict) –
1st stop is (Brooklyn, Queens, New York area) Mr. Reid stated he still walks the ancient lands of the Carnarsee people frequently – he is on board with my research and we both are looking forward to learning about each other and recording all we can on this research of our ancestors~

Will be updating books just updated – should have them available tonight~

Due to some correction and oversight on my part I truly need to make an updated version of both books I just published – takes some time to create them and convert them then download them to areas to be view for you all~ Can view in the Research Books area – check dates will be today’s dates once finished~ All thur this research I have to create each individuals files – after much research and reading of books I’ve come to the conclusion that Cockenoe and Checkachoggin are 2 different people – I along with several other people believed they were the same person – I now know this to be false -both are Tackapousha‘s sons thou – which in turn I had to create and transfer the checkachoggin info over – during all of this I had forgot to delete the records from Cockenoe that wasn’t his – Have had a lot going on here – with Grandbaby and such didn’t recheck things~

Some concerns of Sheryl Robinson – Wife to Butch Robinson descendant of the Chagum/Barber line~

Reason this was added here is I hope to answer some of the questions and concerns – I hope with my response it will clear up a lot of it for any that has felt the same way in some form~Sheryl has been a mentor to me – she has contributed a lot of her work/research~ Posted as written~
On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 12:27 PM, <Sheryl Robinson emailed me> wrote:
Subject: I hope you still love me after this –
Hi Coni,
I read your Native American update.
I feel it is very confusing.
There are many assumptions made throughout and I feel it “muddys” the waters.
No longer is documented material necessarily separated from your assumptions.
From what I saw, possibilities were snarled in with the facts and were only rarely noted.
I feel you have done too much work on this, collecting reams of valuable resources, to see this happen.
For instance, in Jane Chagum’s genealogy you have her maiden name as Sands in one place, along with her documented facts and the insinuation it may be Ninegret in another.
You also have her married to Henry Bell, which may not be necessarily so.
This worries me big time.  Someone else, would take these things as factual.
 I personally feel all the genealogy and possibilities should be separated out or eliminated or be designated theory where theory is.
Also you have large sections that are shown twice and three times. 
Is this on purpose? Such as with Cockenoe and Tackapausha. 
Oh and you forgot to correct “Grumpet” to Grumet.
 From reading your material, it seems that our Chagum and Cockenoe are one and the same.  Then there is Checkachoggin, Choggin and the various spellings thereof.  In a Norwalk deed Cockanoe is there as  interpreter but does not sign the deed where a person with a similar Chagum name does. You also said that both had signed a deed which makes them two different people.  I’m totally confused! 
Sorry.. I hope you still love me…I just had to tell you how I felt.

My Response back to her – On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 12:56 PM, Coni Dubois wrote:
This is your opinion of the work Sheryl – to each their own – I’ve had several of the professionals tell me it is awesome work~
I’m very confident that it is the true lineage – I’ve worked 19 years tracking this line!
1st off you have to remember – all is typed as written – things are doubled up because “EACH” person was on a certain document – so it goes into their genealogy files also ( so if doubled then both signed or was part of that document!) – so reason for all the same info – Secondly – the work of others and what they wrote or thought was include – that includes many of the authors and such in written documentation – many “assumed” that Cockenoe and Checkachoggin was one in the same – I know for a fact they are 2 individuals – but if written about them then it is included to show the conflicts  – this is “a research” book – all and everything is include in each individual that was ever written or recorded if I find it- As for Janey and Henry Bell – I DO BELIEVE THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME and I also believe that she is also a SANDS descendant – Fact being that Hannah is named Sands with other proof of her “OWNING LAND” granted to her by the “NINEGRET LINEAGE”
Facts are hard to prove Sheryl – especially with Native Americans and I do believe I have truly done the research and have my facts and documentation to back this all up – it may seem like assumptions to you – but to me I know in my heart this to be the truth!
I’m not angry with you Sheryl not one bit – we just seem to be going on 2 different paths of researching~ This work is a work of progress – many errors I’m sure – lots to fix and correct – only one me~ I only send these updated books out to share – not in stone – much work to still be done on them~ Much of this you would of never known or had if I hadn’t published it – so if others believe this to be true – it is all in the research book – each person can take it or leave it – I will continue to do what I do~ I feel I HAVE STILL MORE WORK TO DO ON THIS! Lots more to add and will continue to add all and everything~ This is not a book I’ve written – this is a genealogy “research” book – it is written by 412 years of documentation and records I was able to uncover on this line – I add my notes to show my “beliefs” and what I feel to be – take them as you like~ Coni

Note from Coni: I’m in the process of producing a updated version of this research book – after reviewing the research book I can see why Sheryl was confused – during my transfer of Cockenoe facts that were Checkachoggin’s I didn’t delete them in Cockenoe’s files – it is already fixed and the updated version will be available in a hour~

Shoakecum/Chagum Mark on Deed~

The Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk, Conn. : with a plan of the ancient settlement : and of the town in 1847 (1865)
Author: Hall, Edwin, 1802-1877
Publisher: Norwalk : Andrew Selleck ; New York : Ivison, Phinney, Blakeman & Co.
Language: English
Digitizing sponsor: Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries
Book contributor: University of Connecticut Libraries
Collection: uconn_libraries; blc; americana
Full catalog record: MARCXML
Download book at:
This Indenture made the 15th of February 1651, Between Runckinheage, Piamikin, and Magise, and Towntom, and Winnapucke, and Magushetowes, and Concuskenow, and Wampasum, and Sasseakun, and Runckenunnett, and Pokessake, and *Shoakecum, and Soanamatum, and Prodax, and Matumpun, and Cockenoe-De-Long-Island Indians, of the one Partie, and Richard Web, Nathaniel Eli, Matthewe Marven, senr., Nathaniel Richards, Isacke More, Thomas Fitch, Thomas Hales, Richard Holmsted, Richard Seamer, Ralph Keeler, Matthew Marven, junior, Nathaniel Haies, Edward Church, Joseph Fitch, Planters of Norwake, for the use and behalfe of said Town, Witnesseth, that the said Runckinheage, and Piamikin, (&c. &c.) * * * * Have, and in and for the consideration of Thirtie Fathum of Wampum, Tenn Kettles, Fifteen Coates, Tenn payr of Stockings, Tenn Knifes, Tenn Hookes, Twenty Pipes, Tenn Muckes, Tenn needles, to them in hand paid, Have, and Every of them, for themselves and their heyers. Granted, Bargained, Sold, assigned, Enfeoffed, and confirmed ; and by these Presents doth Bargain, grant, sell, enfeoffe, assigne, sett over, and confirme, unto the said Richard Web, (&c. &c.) * * * all their lands called and known by the name of Runckinheage, Rooaton, or by whatsoever name or names the same is called or known, Lying and bounded on the East upon y^ land purchased of Captain Patriarke, so called, on the West bounded with the Brook called Pampaskeshanke, which said Brook and passage, the Bounds West, Extendeth up into the Country by marked Trees ; and so far as the said Runckinheage, and the rest above mentioned, hath any Right and proprietie ; and the aforesaid Land bounded with the Brook called as aforesaid Pampaskeshanke, from the aforesaid passage and path down along to the Sea. And the aforesaid Land bounded on the South with the Sea ; and on the North the Moehakes Country; with all the Islands, Trees, pastures, meadinge, water, water courses, Rights members, and Appurtenances whatsoever, To Have AND TO Hold, and quietly and peaceably injoy, all the aforesaid lands, &c. * * * unto the aforesaid Richard Web, &c. ***** and to their heyers forever. And the aforesaid Runckinheage and Piamikin, and Magise, and Townetom, Winnepucke, Magushetowes, Conkuskenow, Wampasum, Sasseakun, Runckenunnutt, Pokessake, Shoakecum, Soanamatum, Prodax, Matumpun, Cockenoe-de-Longe-Island, Do by these presents, acknowledge to have received the aforesaid Thirtie fathumof Wampum, &c. * * * * in full satisfaction. In witness whereof the above said parties have for themselves, and every of them, sett to their hands, the day and year above written to this present Indenture. Signed and delivered in the presence of Stephen Beckwith, Samuell Lumes, Samuel Ely.
Pg 57:  Dec 25, 1669. Boundaries.
At a town meeting in Norwalk, June the first, 1670, it was voted and ordered that Lieutenant Olmsted and John Gregory, senr. ar to be joyned with Mr. Fitch and Mathu Marvin Jun. to git the bounds marked out between Norwalk river and Saketuk river as is expressed in a former order; and being so done to such satisfaction as their is exprest in that former order, the Indians are to receive six cotes at the town’s charg.
 Pg 58: John Gregory.
At the same meting it was voted and concluded that their shall be two men chosen to prosecute the case against John Gregorie, senior, as touching the lands he howlds from the right of James the Indian, eyther by law or otherwise, as that they may howld and maintaine the rights which the town or any other land which he claims in the like natuer, as the island called Cokkanus Island.
Pg 62: Cockenoes Island.
Allsoe at the same meeting [Feb. 20th, 1672], it was voted & agreed on that the sayd Island called Coekenoe, is to lye common for the use of the towne as the other Islands doe.
Pg 98: The Islands.
“Whereas the inhabitants of the towne of Norwalk, have had possession of severall Islands lying adjacent to their township, and allso improvement of them forty yeares, and longer, without being interrupted by any persons laying claime and prosecuting their claime in due forme of law, the sayd towne having had quiett possession long before the sayd law of possession was enacted, and ever since ; the select men and justice doe in the name of sayd towne and for their behoofe, enter and record unto the sayd towne, them, their heires and assignes for ever ; namely Cockenoes Island known by sayd name, and Mamachimons Island, and the Long Island, and Camfield’s Island, known by sayd names, and all other Islands lying in or adjacent unto the towneshipp of Norwalk ; to the legallity of this record we whose names are hereunto sett and subscribed, our names and hands.
James Olmstead, Justice and Recorder.
Samuel Smith,   |
Thomas Betts,   |
Samuell Belden,I Townsmen.
Samuell Betts,   |
Samuell Marven. J
Recorded this 4th day of January 1702—3.
(From Book 2 & 3.)


I have been doing a lot of reading~

Update on my research:
I have close to 50 books that I’ve recently collected that needs to be added to my files~
I also have been working on the Penhawitz lineage –
doing all the research I can on them at the moment~
I will be making a new book on Penhawitz in a couple of weeks –
a lot of updates and info will be added~
I’ve been asked to speak at the University of Connecticut
by Timothy H. Ives, Ph.D. in the Department of Anthropology in April –
Really excited – been working on my presentation and putting everything together –
will be my very 1st speaking event~
I’m also planning a trip to Long Island this summer – very crucial for my research –
hope to visit with the Chiefs of the tribes also on LIsland~
I have been super busy with my children these past few weeks –
all 3 of my daughters moved or are moving –
Plus with Kiki my granddaughter and what happened to her last week –
I’ve been steadily going~
Genealogy is not only a hobby for me it is a passion –
it is fun and I love to do it –
miss it when I can’t get to it~

Kiki is doing great~

I have had her & my daughter with me most of this week ~
Doctors looked at her today and they said she is healing wonderfully~
She shouldn’t have any scarring – worse was from neck to belly ~
Thank you for all the love and prayers – means a lot to us~