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Sometimes you have to take a break~

Doing research can become an obsession – You get onto something and you just can’t stop til you “find” that one thing~

I’ve found when I’ve got stuck on something – or something just wasn’t coming together – I’d move on to another family for a few days to give myself a break from the problem and when I always come back to it – I’ve figure it out or found what I was looking for~

You also have to give yourself a break from researching – Mine is when my husband comes home from Offshore (Electrician for Oil Company) He works 14 days offshore and is home 14 days – so those days home I give myself a break from doing any researching to give my fingers and my eyes a rest~


I’ve been a family Genealogist/Native American Researcher for over 30+ years and have traced over 65,000+ people for my research - My main area of research is in MI, IN, CT, NY, RI, PA, MA, VA, VT, NJ, OH, KY, Block Island & Long Island areas - dealing with many of the colonial people & tribes in these locations.

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