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Start at the beginning

1st off I’d recommend buying some kind of genealogy software
( I use’s Family Tree Maker 2011 )
Then I started with other family member’s doing genealogy
(Thank You Aunt Pam & Cousin Penny)
Then I started calling immediate family and worked my way backwards in time
(take your time recording all you can find for each family member – will save time in the end)
One thing I’ve learned thru this whole experience thou is back up, back up and back up~

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What started me on my quest?

Alvin & Marion Allen – My father’s Parents~

Over 20 years ago my father Rex Allen Sr. asked me trace our Native American Roots – I’ve always been interested in my Ancestor’s and decided to give it a go – so 20 years later what was a simple request from my father become a lifetime passion & love for genealogy – I think it was the best thing my father could have asked of me ~

All his life he’d known he had Native American blood running thru his veins – Knew it was on all sides of his Ancestor’s – but growing up it was a voodoo to talk about it or to be of “Indian Blood” but my father was proud if it and he wanted to know so he turned over all he and other family member’s had collected thru the years and we sat and talked for hours about what he knew – It was one of the most memorable moments with my Father I had~ He Past away this past September the 15th – was critical ill for several years – but I was able to finally show him his Native American Roots – My last moments with my father were of us talking genealogy~

I will be posting my journey here – to help others doing research on the Native American – it isn’t an easy task and takes hours and hours of research with no help from the Tribes or Government – follow the paths of my Ancestor’s thru my eyes & words~

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I’m on a QUEST to follow my TRUE American Roots – the Native American’s~

Barkhamsted Connecticut USA
Image by via Flickr
In an ever widening circle,
Carry far the blood of Chaugham
And his spouse, brave Molly Barber,
Down the years with Adams, Hobson, Jacklin,
Lawrence, Barber, Elwell, Webster, Doty, Berry, Cochran,
And the thousands yet to follow

I’ve been a family genealogist for 18+ years and have traced over 17,000 people for my family tree (Mother & Father’s sides) – I’m the head Genealogist for the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Native American Tribe in Barkhamsted Connecticut and  a true descendant of the Chagam / Barber line~ I’m working closely with several Archaeologist, Historians, Historical Societies, genealogist, family member’s and Author’s on the Chagam’s- I will be blogging about my research and the paths I’ve had to follow – I have traveled extensively to NY, CT, RI and of course Block Island in my quest to trace my Ancestor’s – the Chagam line is rich in Several Wars – starting with the Pequot War and then we have them as slaves – one of the 1st slaves of this American Country – Even have a Pond called after them on Block Island – Chagam Pond also been called Sachem Pond – You have James Chagam who is Chief of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village – I can go on and on – have thousands of documents to back up this research – Now I’m ready to tell the wonderful story – Welcome to my blog~ I’m not much of a writer – but great at researching – so excuse any mistakes~ Coni