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A Milestone for me~

Today I’m not writing about research – this is personal~

Today my youngest daughter finished High School –  3 daughters – they all graduated – All grown up~

I sit at this computer for the 1st time in my life wondering – what now?

As Bobbie (my youngest) heads out into this big world and starts her life, what’s next for me?

This is a milestone for me – 18 years ago I became a single Mother with no help from the Father – Bobbie wasn’t but 2 weeks old when I left all I knew – My husband, My state, but most importantly my family – Long story shortened: I was married to an alcoholic whom had mental problems to boot and I was in fear of my life and that of my children so I left all I knew at the age of 25 with a 3 yr old, 1 yr old and a 2 week old…I knew I was gonna have to raise them alone…. And I did~

So today when I woke up I realized even thou the journey has been tough it was worth it to see her walk in the door on her last day of High School with a 3.85 GPA her whole life and high honors and a BIG SMILE on her face! I’m saddened that my baby girl is leaving and moving on with her life as it did for my other 2 daughters but I believe I’ve raised them to be independent & strong women and I know that no matter what happens in their lives they will succeed in all they do no matter the obstacles ahead~

Now what am I gonna do with myself?

This is the 1st time in my life that I’ve not had to worry about anyone but myself so with that said I’m excited for what lays ahead for me – can’t wait to see what new doors open and what things I can explore~