Using Social Networks for research~

Facebook has become one of my #1 genealogy tools – As I find family member’s I add all the photo’s and info to their files on my genealogy software ( I use Ancestry’s Family Tree Maker 2011 – One of the main things I recommend is have a Genealogy Software on your computer (many free ones online) reason for this is that online is just that online – having the documents and info on your computer gives you more control over what you’re researching and benefits of having an actual copy or document of your Ancestors.)  The minute I connect to family on Facebook – I update all I can for them (births, marriages, deaths and such) I then add their children to my friends list (if they are on Facebook) – As special event’s happens I post it to their profiles on my FTM 2011 – I’ve been doing this thru the years (didn’t have Facebook back then but used other social groups, emails, things sent, etc) this has helped me add many details to family members and I’m able to share old photo’s I’ve collected for others  (had someone who had a fire and lost everything I was able to give back some memories for her ) All and all Facebook has been my #1 family connection – I’ve tried most of the others but I like that I can truly control who see’s what and when – I love that even thou I’m thousands of miles from many of my family member’s I still can “visit” with them on a daily basis if I want -I love being in contact with my kin and facebook has helped me also with – not being so homesick  (I’m from Indiana & live in Louisiana)

We are a family that loves to play games and Facebook has become our main gaming area also!

Being one of the main genealogist of my line I’m able to make & post events that I host (family reunions and such) on facebook also – on top of making groups for family lines – it is helping me keep everything and everyone in one spot and being from a HUGE family that is truly hard to do lol~

I’m starting at the basic’s with you – and giving you the tools I used – to start your genealogy research~

Sometimes you have to take a break~

Doing research can become an obsession – You get onto something and you just can’t stop til you “find” that one thing~

I’ve found when I’ve got stuck on something – or something just wasn’t coming together – I’d move on to another family for a few days to give myself a break from the problem and when I always come back to it – I’ve figure it out or found what I was looking for~

You also have to give yourself a break from researching – Mine is when my husband comes home from Offshore (Electrician for Oil Company) He works 14 days offshore and is home 14 days – so those days home I give myself a break from doing any researching to give my fingers and my eyes a rest~