Planning a Genealogy Trip for June 20th – Middle of July~

Block Island Historical Society is planning a Event to honor the Native American‘s from Block Island – I know that date so far is set for June 26th on the Island – and then I’m planning a trip to Long Island for some sightseeing and then we are gonna head to Barkhamsted Ct. to camp for a few days – As things progress and plans are made I will post them here – just giving heads up to anyone that would like to join us on this trip!

Working on a Book Shelf for this blog

I’ve been steadily adding a book shelf of key books in my research – I’m new at this so still learning the ropes – have made about 4 and for some reason I can’t get them to let me add on – As you go into the book shelf you will find the name of the book and where to find it online (some books takes you straight to the download of the book keep in mind some of these downloads are several MB and if on slow internet will take forever to download) I just received several books for some research I’m doing on the Long Island Native Americans (believe strong ties to Chagam lineage) I believe I’ve read so much that it caused me a headache so been taking a break for computer (except Facebook – love my Facebook) and researching – but love doing it and can’t stay away for too long~