21 Jun 1776 – James Chagum to Oliver Delown – land bought from Nodiah Hooker – 34 acres

James Chogan to Oliver Delown Recd May 30th 1778
Know all men by these present that I James Chaugon of New Hartford In the County of Litchfield  and Colony of Connecticut in New England for for the Consideration of the Sum of Eighteen pounds Lawfull money in ____ ____ Recievd to my full Satisfaction of Oliver Delown of Hebron in the County of Hartford and Coloney afore Sd Do give, grant Bargain Sell Convey & Confirm unto him the said Oliver Delown and to his Heirs and ASsigns foreever one Certain Pe__ or Parcel of Land Lying and being in the Town of New Hartford in the County of Litchfield and is Bounded as followeth viz bounded South of hte heirs of Oliver Lewis ____ and west on the River North on McKight Land & East on a highway and Contains about thirty four acres of Land to have and hold the above granted and Described ________ with the Appurtenances thereof unto him the said oliver Delown and to his heirs and ASsigns to his & there only use benefit and Behold forever and also I the said James Chogum Do for my Self my heirs  Escutors and Doministrators Covenant with the Sd Oliver Delown & with his heirs and assigns that at and _____ the Ensealing of these presents I am seized of the promises as a good indefeasable estate in the simple and have good Right to (Bargain-crossed out) ____ __ same in manor & form as is above written & that the same is free from all Incumbrances Whatsoever & furthermore I the Sd James Chogam Do by these presents Bind my Self and my heirs forever to warrant & Defend the above granted and Bargained ______ to him of sd Pliver Belowm and to his heirs ASsigns against all Claims & Demands Whatsoever In witness whereof I have here unto Set my hand and seal this 21st Day of June 1776
Signed Sealed and Dilliverd                                                         his
In Presence of                                                               James   X   Chogan (Seal)

Donated by Sheryl Robinson

Recommend getting the Jan. 2001 Newletter – New Hartford Historical Society

Native Americans of New Hartford – Newsletter~

One of the great find that Sheryl and Butch were able to uncover was this Newsletter~ I’ve been in contact with Patrick Casey to see if I could possibly post it here on this blog – waiting on a call back – All about the Natives American’s around the Hartford area and mentions the Chagum’s several times thur out it~

June 25, 1875 – Winsted Herald – Sketches of Satan’s Kingdom

What really interested me about this is the different names Shoukum & Chogham – Could the Chogham be our lineage or is this a Chogham we haven’t known about or a whole other line? Is it our James of Barkhamsted (was never known as a drinker thou? Was known as a religious man and a good man) What about the Shoukum thou? Is it our line? (I believe it is) We do know it to be James of Barkhamsted in this reference – We do know our James carries the Chagum name – But it is pronounces Shaw–Gum thru out history – my theory is this – the Chogham lineage and Chief of Satan’s Kingdome came from the Massachusetts/Long Island Chagum’s and when James and Molly escaped when they got married  they came to Hartford – He had family here! (Shoukum name was his at this time) I believe the Shoukum’s to be of Great James/Samuel Chagum line leading to our James of Barkhamsted and the Chagums to be of the Pequot Chagum’s of Massachusetts/Long Island – and are brother’s  (I also believe Shoukum and Chagum’s both descend from Checoamaug/Shoakecum who was possibly son of Mayawetinnemin/Tackapousha)
I have been working on for several months now – more and more I dig into this I believe we have 2 lines mixed up – but of the same family~

Donated by Sheryl Robinson
Donated by Sheryl Robinson

Been a very busy 3 weeks for me!

With hurricane Isaac and hubby home a extra week, buying the camper and truck, having a new grand baby, other grand baby starting school & youngest daughter announcing she is getting married Nov 24th – I can honestly say I’m exhausted – been one thing after another! I am so ready to get some researching done – have tons of stuff coming in that needs to be added to my records – Sheryl Robinson has been a God-sent and has uncovered all the land deeds of James of Barkhamsted that was needed during her recent research trip before he moved to Barkhamsted – very detailed stuff and will be getting it all in my files 1st thing!! Will be posting here on my blog for everyone as I add them there is a lot to add (transcribe each document as I go)  – she has also included maps and the actual deeds – Could kiss her WHOLE face for this info!!! Thanks Sheryl!