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Similar names found on both Pequot Lists

From: “It’s About Time; Colonial History Timeline”, by Bill DeCoursey      (Stonington, Connecticut)

1654 –    In August 1654, NINIGRET attacked the friendly Long Island Indians, and Major John MASON with the Connecticut Militia was sent to their aid.
  “Prior to 1654 the highest military office in the colony of Connecticut was captain, and John MASON of Pequot fame was the only one who bore this title.  When in after-years he visited the militia of the different towns, bearing the insignia of his rank as major, he was gazed at by the boys and girls of the settlement with eyes of wide wonder, as a man to be reverenced, but not approached.” – Elias B. Sanford’s A HISTORY OF CONNECTICUT (1888), p.123.

1654 –   On 1 September 1654, the settlers of Stonington first petitioned the General Court for the formation of a separate town and church.  The Stonington settlers, 15 miles from New London with 2 big rivers to cross, could hardly attend church and they objected to paying taxes to support the Rev. Mr. BLINNMAN.  This was the beginning of the famous dispute over jurisdiction of the land between the Mystic and Pawcatuck Rivers.

1654 –    Thomas MINER’s son John, on 14 September 1654, was named by the General Council to go to Hartford at public expense to be trained as a missionary to the Indians. –   Williams Haynes, STONINGTON CHRONOLOGY (1976), p.12.

1654 –    John STANTON (1641-1713) was a pupil of the famous old school teacher of the Puritans, Elijah CORLET.  In 1654 he and John MINER, son of Thomas MINER, were selected by the Court of Commissioners to be educated as Indian interpreters and teachers of the Gospel to the Indians.  Both young men, however, ultimately left their studies, and devoted themselves to other pursuits.

1654 –    On 10 October 1654, under Major John MASON, 40 horsemen and 270 infantry rendezvoused at Thomas STANTON’s trading post on the Pawcatuck for an expedition to impress  NINIGRET who was threatening war on UNCAS. –  Williams Haynes, STONINGTON CHRONOLOGY (1976), p.13.

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I am ok! Isaac is still on top of us but made it thur the night~

If you look to the left I live in Houma

  The photo of the map shows where the levee breached if you look to the left you will see where I live at in Gray LA
 We are still under curfew no one allowed on roads – all emergency vehicles out – I’m sitting in the eye of Isaac and sky is clear and rain here and there but right now it is calm~ We have some trees that snapped but no damage so far to the camper or truck or house~ Power went out abt 10 pm last night and was back up once the winds and rains died down around 9:30 this morning~
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Camper is finally bought and now have to buy a truck to haul it!

We have the camper finally at home – had a 14 hr round trip drive to pick it up but it is mine now! Love it! Perfect for my genealogy trips I will be planning for next year~ We own 3 trucks now and none will be able to pull it I believe – gonna sell 2 of them – Husband took me truck shopping and I found a 2008 Nissan Titan I really liked – in the works to buy it now (so far this camper is costing me money lol instead of saving) The Nissan is a 5.6 V8 and will haul anything I will ever need ~ I haven’t done much researching for the past couple of months – been super busy with children and such – Still waiting on my 2nd Granddaughter to be born – she is overdue and if not born before Monday they will induce her at 5 am – My 1st Granddaughter is starting school (pre-K) so been getting her ready for that – been babysitting this summer to help out my daughter – really hard to research with a 4 yr old around~ Hope you are having a wonderful summer!
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I have found the perfect camper for me!!

 I have been searching for a camper to have for these genealogy trips
 and I have finally found one! I will be getting it Aug 10th! I’m so excited!
With this I will be able to hit the road and truly do some research!
I needed one that was small enough for me to tow yet have the comforts of home!
It is perfect!  It has everything I could possibly need! 
Inside of camper