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I was featured in the Wiquapaug Eastern Pequot News Letter ~

SEPTEMBER 2011 VOL.  13 – NO.  3
Keith Brown invited Coni Dubois and her family to the Tribal Gathering.
Coni drove here from Louisiana & the Hawkins family drove from Indiana.
(Veronica & Shane Hawkins with their 2 boys and friend)
Coni took many videos of the dances that were performed and posted them on her websites.  She posted that her favorite dance was the Blanket Dance. 
You can view her blog at:
All her videos from her trips along with the Wiquapaug dances can be found at:
Coni enjoyed learning about the culture of her ancestors and expressed what an honor it was for her to have been invited to the Tribal Gathering and to be invited into the Welcoming Circle.  She has been researching her family genealogy for the past 18 years and has traced her ancestry back to the Algonquian, Mohegan, Pequot and Narragansett tribes. Her main research focus is on James Chagum a Long Island Native American that married a Narragansett, along with his descendants that settled in Barkhamsted, CT. 
 Coni just recently took part in a ceremony for the unveiling of the Lighthouse Trail on Ragged Mountain in Barkhamsted CT on Sept 15th along with a unveiling June 26th, 2011 on Block Island RI for the Ancestral/Descendant Stone for the the Native Americans that once lived on the island (Manissean Indians along with Narragansett.)
Coni’s Blog gives the following insights on her background: 
I’ve been a family genealogist for 18+ years and have traced over 17,000 people for my family tree (Mother & Father’s sides) – I’m the head Genealogist for the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Native American Tribe in Barkhamsted Connecticut and a true descendant of the Chagum / Barber line~ I’m working closely with several Archaeologist, Historians, Historical Societies, genealogist, family member’s and Author’s on the Chagum’s and the Grand Sachems of the New England Indians – I will be blogging about my research and the paths I’ve had to follow – I have traveled extensively to NY, CT, RI and of course Block Island in my quest to trace my Ancestor’s – the Chagum bloodline has been shed in several Wars – We have them put into servitude and slavery Block Island – There are two ponds named after them on Block Island –Sachem/Chagum Pond & Lil Choggin Pond  – in the late 1700′s the story continues to James Chagum (2nd) who is Chief of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village to early 1800′s~
I can go on and on – have thousands of documents to back up this research – Now I’m ready to tell the wonderful story –    I’ve got the bases done on this line now it’s time to fill in the blanks and and connect the Ever Widening Circle of families~
“I’m not much of a writer – but great at researching – so excuse any mistakes”
Coni (Allen) Dubois~.”
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Miss you Dad~

Rex Allen 2/5/49 – 9/15/10 with my Mother Nancy (Gilbert)
Taken 1966 just before I was born~
Today has been hard for me – a year ago today he passed away~
My Dad was a hard man –
had a strong personality –
But he was always there for me –
I knew my Dad could fix anything –
no matter the situation ~
I knew he loved me in his own way
even thou he wasn’t much on affection~
He taught me to stand on my own 2 feet~
He taught me to have strength in any circumstance~
He taught me to be a survivor~
He taught me to believe in myself~
He taught me the real meaning of family
He is missed – but know he is with my Ancestors~
All this is because of him and a request –
My research has changed me – humbled me~
With that I’m forever grateful~
I not only mourn my father today –
I mourn for all that have gone before me~
I only hope to honor them and the man I call Father~
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Native American – What it means to me~

I have finally got this blog set up the way I want it
I want to explain what it is about?
I’m not much on writing –
one of those misfortunes that had to work at an early age
plus support children instead of getting a proper education –
did a lot of online schools and such – have always had a computer –
I am the era of computers – I just love the internet!!
One of MSN’s oldest members ~
I’m street smart thou – I’ve lived thru it all – it was a hard road  but wouldn’t change a minute of my life –
made me the person I am today – it made me who I am – and why I’m here~
Genealogy has become a passion –  I JUST LOVE IT !
Abt 19 years ago my father asked only one thing of me -find our Native American roots~
To be who I am on this earth at this moment is amazing to me~It has humbled me~
My ancestors are the Native Americans of this United States of America –
have proof of over 30,000+ years of existence living on these soils~
I’m coming from the Grand Sachems of the New England Indians –
The Narragansett, The Mohegan, The Pequot blood runs thur my veins~
I’m not affiliated with any tribe –
to become one of my own people….. Join a tribe……
I have to have my family be on some tribal Roll in the late 1800’s
or a open tribal roll (which at this time they are all closed diffidently)
I’ve had doors closed and emails sent back
(with please don’t send again attached)
Yet I’m Native American~
I’ve got 19 years of research, documents and proof to say I am~
I am proud to be Native American –
and I have been chosen to tell their story~
Fortunately my Chagum Ancestors have been written about all thur the years
starting at the beginning of immigration to this country.
I’ve been able to piece their story together – book by book by record.
I’ve not asked of anything from anyone-
I’ve not taken one dime for this research –
Spent thousands doing it thou – and will continue to do it I believe til my last days~
I only ask to record my journeys and to tell the story of my family – that is it~
With that I’m sharing with the world my experiences – On this blog~
This journey isn’t about money for me -this journey isn’t about how big the casinos are~
This journey is about my Ancestors and how I became -The blood that runs thur my veins~
I’ve got all my research book here – have tons and tons of more work to do on them –
will always be an updating thing but the bases is done~
You can find all my videos of my trips here – along with all I’m doing in this research~
Searching Native American Roots is hard -many road blocks –
but it can be done~
Native American means to me – family~
An Ever Widening Circle of family~
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I was also featured in the Squire’s Tavern Quarterly – Sept 2011 Edition

By the Barkhamsted Historical Society Newspaper
Pg 7 there is a photo of Doug Roberts and I and it reads:
Coni Dubois discusses her research on James and Molly Chaugham and their descendants with town historian Doug Roberts at Squires Tavern on July 3. Coni, visiting from Louisiana, has done extensive research on the Lighthouse Tribe genealogy. She is a ninth-generation descendant of James and Molly. For more information, or to reach Coni, visit her Facebook page at “Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village”
Talk with Coni at the annual meeting September 10th at the tavern.
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Newpaper I was featured in for the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Trail Ceremony 9/10/11

Signs along trail telltale of forgotten village in Barkhamsted

Published on: Sept 11, 2011

By: Alec Johnson / Republican-American (Waterbury Ct)


Coni Allen Dubois of Louisiana, a descendant of the Lighthouse Tribe that formerly called the People’s Sate Forest in Barkhamsted their home on Saturday unveils one of six new signs installed along a trail telling her ancestor’s history.  Alec Johnson / Republican-American

BARKHAMSTED — A little village deep in the woods of People’s State Forest that was abandoned in 1860 is back in the minds of local residents and descendants of the Native Americans who once called the land off East River Road home.
On Saturday, more than 50 people huddled around a trail as a sign telling the story of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village was unveiled from beneath a green tarp by Lighthouse Tribe descendant Coni Allen Dubois.
Dubois, who traveled from Louisiana, and six other descendants of James Chaughum came from across the country for the day.
Chaughum, a member of the Narragansett tribe, and his wife, Molly, an Irish immigrant, settled there around 1740 after being cast away from society because of their relationship.
Six signs tell the story of the village. There is a burial ground, a foundation of a former cabin, stone quarry, grind stone and charcoal kilns (mounds where charcoal that fueled foundries in Litchfield County was made) along a trail that winds up Ragged Mountain.
Kenneth L. Feder, an archaeologist and professor at Central Connecticut State University, since 1985 has studied artifacts and history of the village lived in by Chaughum and his eight children.
Feder said that over his years of studying the area he found it troubling that so few people knew the history of the village. People had no idea there had been a thriving village here with 100 or 150 people, he said. “People have lost the connection to this.”
The signs, sponsored by the Barkhamsted Historical Society were installed over the summer to teach hikers about the forgotten village.
“This story will never be forgotten and it will never die,” Feder said. “The work has resulted in a permanent memorial to the folks who lived here.”
Dubois began studying her family history 19 years ago at the request of her father. The family knew they were descendants of Native Americans, but over the years the history became muddled. Dubois’ studies led her to Barkhamsted years ago and she has returned several times since. Having the signs and accurate history to inform the public of her ancestors, she said was “amazing.”
During earlier visits she found evidence of campfires in the burial ground. “Now people will have more respect for the area and more love for the people that were here,” she said.
Dubois’ sister, Tonia Allen Gould of California, said that at one time historians believed the families that lived in the village had died out, when there are actually thousands of descendants alive.
“It is an amazing tribute to the Lighthouse Indian village ancestors, words can’t express how we feel about that.”


Note from Coni: I have to make one correction: My sister had stated there are thousands of living descendants which is incorrect – I believe she was referring to the 19,000 people that I’ve researched and have on my genealogy file that are on both sided of my family (Mother & Fathers)

I would give a ruff estimate of a few hundred living (everyday finding more and more thou).

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I’ve updated 2 research books and added 2 new ones

Just wanted to give an update – been super busy researching – I’ve updated the Chagum Native American Genealogy Research book along with the Sowheag one – I’ve also added 2 new research books – Tashtussuck & Ninegret Native American Genealogy Research book’s in my link above under Research books – I’ve made the connection to the Narragansett’s and Charlestown Rhode Island Indians.

I will be attending the Unveiling the Barkhamsted Trail on Sept 10th and have been asked to speak at this event! (reason for updated versions)