Had a wonderful trip!

I just recently got back from a trip to Connecticut & Rhode Island researching the Narragansett Tribe and the Chagum connection~
Had a wonderful time – was non-stop for my cousin Veronica and I the 5 days we were there~
Our 1st day we did the sightseeing under the guide of Keith Brown of  the Wiquapaug Pequot Tribe – My research lead me to this Tribe several years ago due to a book called A Man Called Sampson by Willis Ottery and his wife – in this book was a list made by Major Mason after the massacre of the Pequots – on this list in 1637 the Captives were divided into other Tribes and my Chagum Ancestor was given to the Wiquapaug Tribe – Keith Brown has been the one to answer all my questions and has been a great help in my research – We were honored to have him as our personal guide for the day~
Once we were done with our tour of the Narragansett Reservation – we were invited to the Chiefs house
(Keith’s brother “Chief Sunrise” Bryon & Pearl Brown) Whom had a delicious dinner prepared for us~
Veronica and I were graciously invited to stay the night – which we did~
I had a appointment the next day at the Narragansett Office – they didn’t want us to get a hotel since they lived so close~
Chief was willing to answer any questions I had during the time with them and helped me to understand more of my Native American Roots~
We had a wonderful time with them both – was sad to say goodbye~
I had a meeting at the Narragansett Lands Office with Lorraine Keyes who was very helpful and provided all I needed~
She even took us personally to the Sacred Royal Burial Grounds so that we could pay respect to those before us~
We then did some more sightseeing around the reservation – which we had to have permission thur the Security to do~
Our next day was our research day – I have tons and tons of legal documents coming to me (will take them some time to copy them for me)
Then we had the Archaeology Society of Connecticut meeting as special guest of the Society and Ken Feder~
Was a very productive and beautiful trip – always humbles me more when I find out about the lives of my Ancestors~

An Indian Romance – Published by West Bay City Times-Press March 30, 1900

An Indian Romance – Origin of the “Lighthouse Tribe” of Connecticut – unknown author

An Indian Romance – Published by West Bay City Times-Press  (Office: 512 Midland St West Bay City, Mich.)
Dated: March 30, 1900 Friday Evening (Donated by Ken Feder)
An Indian Romance – Origin of the “Lighthouse Tribe” of Connecticut – unknown author
Disappointment in love of a pretty Wethersfield girl and the pique of a Narragansett Indian from Long Island were procuctive of a piece of Connecticut history which is sometimes put down to myth. The last man to prove that it was not a myth died a few days ago. He was Sol Webster, male descendant of the Wethersfield girl, last of of some three hundred others who lived strange lives in the woods and hills around Barkhamsted.
The pretty white maiden, in the old Colonial days, had fallen in love with a young man in Wethersfield, Conn., but her father forbade her marrying him. Thereupon she took a vow that she would wed the first man who offered himself. About that time the Narragansett Indian, a brave named Chaugham, had left his tribe because of some injury to his reputation, and had come to live in Northern Connecticut. When he heard of the Wethersfield maiden, he hurried to her and offer his hand, which, according to her vow she accepted. Together they went to what is now Burkhamsted, and became the progenitors of a people who during this century have been known as the “Lighthouse Tribe”
It was in trying to learn how any people so far from the coast could get such a name that the romance was unearthed. The couple established their home on what is called Ragged Mountain, on the upper waters of the Tunxis, and years afterward the lights from their hut served as a landmark for the stage coaches which passed that way. Hence, it is said, the name “Lighthouse Tribe”
Changham and his wife brought up eight children. The pretty but willful Molly lived to be 105 years old, dying in the 1820, at which time she was known as Granny Chaugham. The halfbreeds flourished at the Lighthouse, a rough and roystering colony, for generations Their doings were many and strange, but actual crimes, such as that of the murdered Mossock, the exploits of whose halfbreed band gave the name Satan’s Kingdom to their resort, below New Hartford, were never lais at their door.
Eventually the began to degenerate through marrying among themselves and from other causes, and in their latter days were ” a band of bleached out, basket making, root gathering vagabonds.” Their cabins became fewer and more miserable, and at last the remanant of the tribe dispersed. One hut alone remained near the villiage of Riverton, a mile from the original Lighthouse, it was occupied by Old Sol Webster and his wife, who were, as far as known, the sole survivors of the family. Their poverty was extreme. The man said he was about eighty years old, but he looked much older. The women is several years younger. Both were lineal descendants of Changham’s daughters, but never were able to untangle their genealogies.  The old settlement is situated in a wild spot of great natural beauty.

Charlestown RI Trip coming up~

Will be putting stuff together for my trip this weekend – busy busy busy – I’m heading to Charlestown RI to the Narragansett Tribe next week for genealogy research – I have meetings set up that will be crucial in my research – I hope to connect a few dots that need to be done before I can truly go forward with this work – I’m in the 1700’s right now on the Grand Sachems of the New England Native Americans – one way or another ties in my blood line – Once I am able to connect lines then will work my way forward and start connecting all the Chagum descendants finally – hard to do with out knowing who’s who~ I will be leaving on the 11th and returning on the 16th~ More photo’s and videos will be taken while on this trip – have several sightseeing sites to see while in these areas also~

Charlestown RI trip for Oct. 2011

Veronica Hawkins & I have planned another trip to Rhode Island this month – We are going to be in the Westerly and Charlestown areas – I have some “on hands” research I need to do – We have decided to do this before winter – This will be my last trip til summer of next year – gonna do all I can in a 5 day trip~ Veronica is my cousin and closest friend – She and I grew up together –  we lived right next door to each other most of our lives – she has been with me on 90% of my trips and has been my assistant during this research – I can’t thank her enough for all she’s done to help me thur this research.