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Miss you Dad~

Rex Allen 2/5/49 – 9/15/10 with my Mother Nancy (Gilbert)
Taken 1966 just before I was born~
Today has been hard for me – a year ago today he passed away~
My Dad was a hard man –
had a strong personality –
But he was always there for me –
I knew my Dad could fix anything –
no matter the situation ~
I knew he loved me in his own way
even thou he wasn’t much on affection~
He taught me to stand on my own 2 feet~
He taught me to have strength in any circumstance~
He taught me to be a survivor~
He taught me to believe in myself~
He taught me the real meaning of family
He is missed – but know he is with my Ancestors~
All this is because of him and a request –
My research has changed me – humbled me~
With that I’m forever grateful~
I not only mourn my father today –
I mourn for all that have gone before me~
I only hope to honor them and the man I call Father~