Native American – What it means to me~

I have finally got this blog set up the way I want it
I want to explain what it is about?
I’m not much on writing –
one of those misfortunes that had to work at an early age
plus support children instead of getting a proper education –
did a lot of online schools and such – have always had a computer –
I am the era of computers – I just love the internet!!
One of MSN’s oldest members ~
I’m street smart thou – I’ve lived thru it all – it was a hard road  but wouldn’t change a minute of my life –
made me the person I am today – it made me who I am – and why I’m here~
Genealogy has become a passion –  I JUST LOVE IT !
Abt 19 years ago my father asked only one thing of me -find our Native American roots~
To be who I am on this earth at this moment is amazing to me~It has humbled me~
My ancestors are the Native Americans of this United States of America –
have proof of over 30,000+ years of existence living on these soils~
I’m coming from the Grand Sachems of the New England Indians –
The Narragansett, The Mohegan, The Pequot blood runs thur my veins~
I’m not affiliated with any tribe –
to become one of my own people….. Join a tribe……
I have to have my family be on some tribal Roll in the late 1800’s
or a open tribal roll (which at this time they are all closed diffidently)
I’ve had doors closed and emails sent back
(with please don’t send again attached)
Yet I’m Native American~
I’ve got 19 years of research, documents and proof to say I am~
I am proud to be Native American –
and I have been chosen to tell their story~
Fortunately my Chagum Ancestors have been written about all thur the years
starting at the beginning of immigration to this country.
I’ve been able to piece their story together – book by book by record.
I’ve not asked of anything from anyone-
I’ve not taken one dime for this research –
Spent thousands doing it thou – and will continue to do it I believe til my last days~
I only ask to record my journeys and to tell the story of my family – that is it~
With that I’m sharing with the world my experiences – On this blog~
This journey isn’t about money for me -this journey isn’t about how big the casinos are~
This journey is about my Ancestors and how I became -The blood that runs thur my veins~
I’ve got all my research book here – have tons and tons of more work to do on them –
will always be an updating thing but the bases is done~
You can find all my videos of my trips here – along with all I’m doing in this research~
Searching Native American Roots is hard -many road blocks –
but it can be done~
Native American means to me – family~
An Ever Widening Circle of family~

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