Doing a complete check of my files – 37, 236 Individual right now~

I am amazed at the extent of my own research truly  – thru the years I’ve researched so many lines and now the work is paying off – I am able to connect lineages daily with those I’ve already researched in my files – I would say with confidence I have at least 80% of the 37,000 people well documented~

I’ve have been doing a complete check of my files and still have more to do – Just ran a data error report to fix anything that needs to be fixed (almost 400 pages of errors) Mostly missing dates – birth, death, marriage and such – not too much worried abt those – would say about 100 pages of errors that does need to be fixed thou~ Many are just floater’s and no connections – those are the ones that need to be fixed asap – or deleted – causes many errors in my reports. Also believe I have a couple lines that are linked to 2 parent set’s – Have to find these asap and correct and disconnect one of the parent sets 1st – one of the problems when you merge gedcom’s – doubling up~

Once I get all of this done – I will be able to start connecting all of the family lines that are coming on board (Haven’t forgotten you all) Have to get the main root lines done before I can work on the branches and I do believe I am at that point in my research~

I have finally downloaded my complete file to (Private Tree – Only my researcher’s are allowed to view at this time) I have it synced with my iPad & computer now also – change to one changes all devices – will make it easier when traveling and researching!

I want to get my files in top shape – due to the Academic Conference coming up (See post below) – will be mingling with many Authors, Professors, Archaeologist and such that are very crucial in my work – want to be able to pull up whatever I need while there – many I have been trying to hunt down to get on board with my research and hopefully share some of the documentation they refer to in their work.

So looking forward to the 2 day event! Love Rhode Island (where we are flying in at) and Connecticut at this time of year – very happy the tree’s will have the changing of colors – Autumn is my favorite time of the year~ Truly looking forward to cousin time with Veronica (Hawkins) & Sheryl Robinson!

I have also been in contact with Chief Sun Rise (Byron Brown) & Sub Chief Keith Brown of the Wiquapaug Eastern Pequot and they both are interested in attending the Conference with me (checking schedules) Keith Brown has offered Veronica and I a room at his home for the duration of our stay – he is also going to be my tour guide for Oct 17th sightseeing – have a few things I need to get while in that area – hoping to also get to Stonington Ct. to take pictures.

I just wanted to assure everyone that my research is coming together wonderfully and connections are made daily! I am narrowing it all down and am close to being able to trace their steps back thru history – I am so looking forward to the next stage of this research – traveling and exploring~


Oct 18th-19th the Academic Conference: 17th Century American Northeast Conference

I will be going to Westerly Rhode Island Oct 16th-20th for the

Academic Conference: 17th Century American Northeast Conference

Friday, Oct. 18, 8 am–9 pm & Saturday, Oct. 19, 8 am–6 pm
Scholars in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, history, ethnohistory, geography, literature, and Native American studies gather to reexamine the complexity of a changing cultural landscape and the consequences of colonization and warfare.

Registration is required.

To register or for information, schedule of events, and speakers list,contact Ashley Bissonnette at or visit  (Downloadable Schedule and Registration Form in this link)

If you plan on going please let me know so I can add you to my list!


Levi & Lecretia (Le Clear) Clark – Obits

Alvin Allen Lineage (My Grandfather - Father's side)

Alvin Allen Lineage
(My Grandfather – Father’s side)

My 3rd Great Grandfather – Levi Clark
20 Oct 1834 – 16 Nov 1901
Died of Consumption/Excess use of Morphine
Owosso Argus-Press Owosso MI - Levi Clark Obit - Donated by Polly Goodwin

Owosso Argus – Press Owosso MI – Levi Clark Obit – Donated by Polly Goodwin

Owosso Argus-Press Owosso MI
Nov 18, 1901: Levi Clark of Janette Street, died Saturday night of consumption. He had been ill the past four years. Mr. Clark was 59 years old. he leaves an invalid wife and several grown children. The funeral was held this afternoon Rev. Lyon officiating.

My 3rd Great Grandmother – Lucretia (Le Clear) Clark
May 1842 – 16 Sep 1912
Died of Dropsy – Invalid
Owosso Argus-Press Owosso MI - Lucretia (McArthur) Clark Obit - Donated by Polly Goodwin

Owosso Argus – Press Owosso MI – Lucretia (Le Clear) Clark Obit – Donated by Polly Goodwin

Owosso Argus-Press Owosso MI – Mrs. Lucretia Clark Dead
Sept 16, 1912: The funeral of Mrs. Lucretia Clark will be held Thursday afternoon at 1 o’clock. burial will take place at Oak Hill Cemetery.
Sept 17, 1912: Mrs. Lucretia Clark, aged 70 years, died early last evening at the home of her neice, Mrs. Jonas Hall of North Dewey Street. after an illness of several years with dropsy, Funeral arrangements have not been made.
Mrs Hall (believe it means Clark) was born in New York state and has lived in Owosso for the past 30 years. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Oliver Taylor and Mrs. Alice Daniels of this city and Mrs. Mary Barber of Brady Township.
Note from Coni: In the 1850 Census Lucretia is recorded as Mulatto
(What was referred to Native American or blacks in that time – Believe Native American)
1850 United States Federal Census about Lucrecia Laclear
Home in 1850 : Rollin, Lenawee, Michigan
Name: Lucrecia Laclear Age: Estimated Birth Year: abt 1844  Birth Place: New York 
Race: Mulatto  Gender: Female

9/12/13 Update on my research

I have worked non stop on my Maternal lines along with going thru my files and updating and merging any matches – I have abt 90% of my Maternal lines complete and well documented~ I am in the process of transferring everything over to Family Tree Maker 2014  right now from FTM 2012.
2014 was released 9/11/13 (had it pr-ordered) – from what I’ve played with on it – AWESOME – love the formatting of it now and easier navigation’s – along with more control of adding info to your preference~ So far it looks to be the best version yet!
I am finally adding my whole tree and all photo’s, documents and records and such to also – I am in the process of syncing everything (computer, iPad – Internet online tree @ After non stop of checking and re checking my files I have been able to narrow it down to 36,999 people – which 70% is related to me in some form – the other 30% is lines I’ve worked on to decide if mine or not – kept them to share for those it would benefit~ I’ve also done a lot of the work on the colonial lines (guessing on actual %’s) I have many lines that still needs work (looking for family members to help feel in blanks)
My tree on ancestry is in private status and not for public viewing – I will however be adding my research team – I do believe we are ready to bring it all together – just needing to fix and add the rest that has been found – then the tree with be released for family members and such – looking at a few months – but we are close!

Update on Zelotes Allen DNA

From a earlier post: We are about to find out – Cheryl Church has made contact with a Mr. Harold Hill and she connected us – after several emails and such he has agreed to do a DNA test to see if his Y-DNA numbers match my father’s thru – he even covered all cost of test to do it for us!Just got an email from him – test is done and on its way back to the lab! We will have our answers soon~ Coni
 9/3/13 UPDATE:
Harold has sent me his DNA results – there was confusion on the test we needed – Allen line – and due to his “Mother” being the Allen his test won’t be what we are needing – he is looking to his Mother’s Brother’s lines for us and seeing if any one would do a DNA for us~
I do have his results thou and will be comparing them to Dad’s this week~  

Caroline (Trent) Pratt – Obit

Caroline (Trent) Pratt Obit

Caroline (Trent) Pratt Obit – Donated by Rhonda Yamauchi

My Maternal Lineage
My Mom: Nancy Lee Gilbert – (Married) Rex Allen
Grandmother: Mildred Marie Scheetz – Robert James Gilbert
Great Grandmother: Viola Beatrice Nickerson – Bernard Gregory Scheetz
2 x Grandmother: Nancy Elizabeth Pratt – Thomas William Nickerson
3 x Grandmother: Caroline M Trent – William Henry Pratt
4 x Grandmother: Matilda Scealf – Zachariah Green Trent
5 x Grandmother: ?

The Weekly Republican – Plymouth Ind, Thurs 12 Nov 1919
Pg 5 Col 1Mrs. Caroline Tratt (Pratt)
Argos. Nov 6.— The death of Mrs. Caroline Tratt occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jesse Tomlinson of this place. Wednesday at 2:45. She was 54 years of age and leaves several children to mourn her departure. The body will be shipped Friday to Francisville, Ind., where funeral services will be conducted. Mrs. Pratt suffered a stroke of paralysis Saturday Nov. 1

The Argos Reflectors Thurs Nov 13, 1919
Pg 1 Col 1: Mrs. Caroline Pratt
Caroline, the daughter of Zachariah and Matilda Trent, was born June the twelfth, eighteen hundred and forty-five, in Hancock County, Tennessee. Her demise occurred November fifth, nineteen hundred and nineteen, following a few days of acute illness. In the year of 1865 she was united in the relationships of holy marriage with Mr. W. M. Pratt, with whom the remainder of her life, up til his death on July 1st, 1917, was one long happy and harmonious experience. To this union God in his providence has entrusted the choice blessing of ten children, seven of whom are living and have now to sustain the loss of not only Father but Mother also. The living children are: Richard Pratt of Hammond, Indiana, Levi Pratt of Miami, Ind., Charles Pratt of Plymouth Ind., Dan Pratt of Hoyt, Colorado, and Ivan Pratt of Hoyt, Colorado, and two daughters, Mrs. Christina Johnson of Slbley, Illinois, and Mrs. Julia Tomlinson of Argos, Ind. The other three children, Thomas, Mavilla and Nanna, have gone on and wait the coming of the family into the life beyond this. Besides these immediate children there are twenty-nine grand children are living, and six grand children dead; there are also four great grand children.
In the young womanhood of Mrs. Pratt she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and made her confession of faith in God before the world. Throughout the remaining years until her death at the age of 74 years, 4 months and 23 days she has remained true to her confession and faith. Her present membership being with the Church of Christ at Francisville, Indiana, where the funeral proper and the interment was held Saturday at 11:30 o’clock, A.M.
Mrs. Pratt together with her husband were devout followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and throughout their lives they have experienced that the various stress and storm and vicissitudes of experience are sustained successfully by Him. Behind them is left their influences upon the trust God gave them in their large family until today ever child in their family has made his or her confession of faith in God and accepted the Christ as Lord in their life. This is argument sufficient to fix in the minds of men that the love and example of Christian parents pays.
Since the death of her husband Mrs. Pratt has made her home largely with her daughter Mrs. Julia Tomlinson, where her demise occured as above stated. November 5th 1919.
Thus has closed the earthly career of a loving mother, a faithful Christian, a devoted wife and a worthy citizen, against whom their is naught to mar.
We came to see our mother,
Expecting to meet her at the gate,
But alas, her smiling face we did
Not see, We were too late.
The angels had carried her
Where we hope to meet her by and by.
To the realms on high,
God has taken her with his own free will,
Where all is calm and peaceful and still.
She was the dearest friend we ever knew,
She was always kind and peaceful and true.
Had many a sorrow, fought many a strife.
So why, dear brothers and sisters,
Should we mourn her loss.
She is free from the cold and the biting frost.
And if we walk in the light and have no fear,
We are sure to meet our mother there.
David Pratt, a son.

Samuel E Short – Found proof to parentage~

As a researcher I have to have actual proof as to the parentage on people – some document or record~
All have Asa Short and Olive Burill as parents to Samuel – but I had no proof – until now~
I found this today while researching Samuel………
June 14, 1973 Asa Short Genalogy - The Wellsboro Gazette (Wellsboro, Pennsylvania)

June 14, 1973 Asa Short Genalogy – The Wellsboro Gazette (Wellsboro, Pennsylvania)