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Doing a complete check of my files – 37, 236 Individual right now~

I am amazed at the extent of my own research truly  – thru the years I’ve researched so many lines and now the work is paying off – I am able to connect lineages daily with those I’ve already researched in my files – I would say with confidence I have at least 80% of the 37,000 people well documented~

I’ve have been doing a complete check of my files and still have more to do – Just ran a data error report to fix anything that needs to be fixed (almost 400 pages of errors) Mostly missing dates – birth, death, marriage and such – not too much worried abt those – would say about 100 pages of errors that does need to be fixed thou~ Many are just floater’s and no connections – those are the ones that need to be fixed asap – or deleted – causes many errors in my reports. Also believe I have a couple lines that are linked to 2 parent set’s – Have to find these asap and correct and disconnect one of the parent sets 1st – one of the problems when you merge gedcom’s – doubling up~

Once I get all of this done – I will be able to start connecting all of the family lines that are coming on board (Haven’t forgotten you all) Have to get the main root lines done before I can work on the branches and I do believe I am at that point in my research~

I have finally downloaded my complete file to (Private Tree – Only my researcher’s are allowed to view at this time) I have it synced with my iPad & computer now also – change to one changes all devices – will make it easier when traveling and researching!

I want to get my files in top shape – due to the Academic Conference coming up (See post below) – will be mingling with many Authors, Professors, Archaeologist and such that are very crucial in my work – want to be able to pull up whatever I need while there – many I have been trying to hunt down to get on board with my research and hopefully share some of the documentation they refer to in their work.

So looking forward to the 2 day event! Love Rhode Island (where we are flying in at) and Connecticut at this time of year – very happy the tree’s will have the changing of colors – Autumn is my favorite time of the year~ Truly looking forward to cousin time with Veronica (Hawkins) & Sheryl Robinson!

I have also been in contact with Chief Sun Rise (Byron Brown) & Sub Chief Keith Brown of the Wiquapaug Eastern Pequot and they both are interested in attending the Conference with me (checking schedules) Keith Brown has offered Veronica and I a room at his home for the duration of our stay – he is also going to be my tour guide for Oct 17th sightseeing – have a few things I need to get while in that area – hoping to also get to Stonington Ct. to take pictures.

I just wanted to assure everyone that my research is coming together wonderfully and connections are made daily! I am narrowing it all down and am close to being able to trace their steps back thru history – I am so looking forward to the next stage of this research – traveling and exploring~