9/12/13 Update on my research

I have worked non stop on my Maternal lines along with going thru my files and updating and merging any matches – I have abt 90% of my Maternal lines complete and well documented~ I am in the process of transferring everything over to ancestry.com Family Tree Maker 2014  right now from FTM 2012.
2014 was released 9/11/13 (had it pr-ordered) – from what I’ve played with on it – AWESOME – love the formatting of it now and easier navigation’s – along with more control of adding info to your preference~ So far it looks to be the best version yet!
I am finally adding my whole tree and all photo’s, documents and records and such to ancestry.com also – I am in the process of syncing everything (computer, iPad – Internet online tree @ Ancestry.com) After non stop of checking and re checking my files I have been able to narrow it down to 36,999 people – which 70% is related to me in some form – the other 30% is lines I’ve worked on to decide if mine or not – kept them to share for those it would benefit~ I’ve also done a lot of the work on the colonial lines (guessing on actual %’s) I have many lines that still needs work (looking for family members to help feel in blanks)
My tree on ancestry is in private status and not for public viewing – I will however be adding my research team – I do believe we are ready to bring it all together – just needing to fix and add the rest that has been found – then the tree with be released for family members and such – looking at a few months – but we are close!

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