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I truly can’t thank you all enough for viewing my blog – it is daily growing in numbers – I am already at 11,125 views!
Thank you all for following my journey!  Please feel free to share this blogs – follow my Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest Boards also!
I wanted to note I will be super busy the next couple of weeks – My youngest daughter’s Boo’s wedding is on the 15th (have family coming in for it) Also we are going to TX Jaybird (Hubby) has a school – he has to attend 9th-14th
Looking forward to visiting Beaumont thou – Jaybird has to be in school all day and this gives me time to just take pictures – no genealogy – nobody but me and my new camera – can’t wait to  get out & abt with it (Canon Powershot SX50 HS – truly a AWESOME CAMERA! Mother’s day gift from Hubby – drowned my other one)
Deep in my soul – I mean deep – I’ve known I was a “Indian” – I grew up (all of us children) grew up KNOWING we had it in us – looking back at the way I was raised I can see a lot of the ways stayed in our family – what WE DIDN’T KNOW was how and why and where or what…….We were robbed of learning “the ways of our Ancestors” This research has changed my whole life~
As I see in my work I AM the PRODUCT of “Christianity”  along with the Fur Traders, the Dutch & English – all of it – My people were in the midst of it all – my people were the 1st to be indentured, enslaved (I have proof as young as the age of 3)  robbed of all they ever knew….. my heart bleeds at the tragic stories unfolding in my work… How I am here… amazes me….
I am a INDIAN, Native American, American Indian – the Red ManMY PEOPLE lived and died fighting their whole lives to protect their worlds, their earth, their families – ME ~
I know I descend from Royalty lines of many tribes that are considered “extinct” or not recognized – yet should be~
I also descend from many tribes that are recognized and “aren’t accepting” – yet I descend from deep bloodlines and to some that doesn’t matter? Well it matters to me….I was robbed of my heritage for 46 years…..They say we are extinct – I am here to tell you we are not!
I am not “affiliated/or have membership” of one tribe, work with as many as I can – I just want the root that lead to the branches of my family tree~ I want to meet my “Ever Widening Circle” of family – I want to learn the way of my people~
MY DNA can’t be taken from me~ My Ancestor’s blood runs through my veins~ I want the truth
I made a promise to my Father – I will continue my journey for the rest of my life – I will learn all I can – It is all he ever asked of me~
I’ve had a hard life – not much that has happened to a women hasn’t happened to me – I’ve been knocked down and out – but I got up and I continued on…. I grew stronger with every blow – I am not bitter for my past – I am thankful for those that tried to keep me down – I fought harder and grew stronger….It made me who I am today and I wouldn’t change a minute of my life~ Honestly~
As I see in my Ancestors before me…. they got back up and and they fought for what they believed in~
I am not scared to die….. I know there is a better place…. my Ancestors guide me now….
I am meant to do this …. this has been their plan for me all along ……… I believe I am their voice~
I have personally seen, felt and followed their guidance and it has lead me to all of this……so yes I know there is a better place~
Am I a 100% certain on my work ....NO….many and I MEAN MANY lines haven’t been worked on …I find changes all the time in my work… people connected to wrong people….I have tons of peoples work included in mine (still unchecked but added till I can get to them) lots of corrections I’m sure are needed, there is only one me and so much time I can do it all in…I try to research as much of a person as I can before I move on to the next – so if there is a lot of work then that person is researched if very little then lines I need to work on – but I am close! REALLY CLOSE~ I am up for any help – see a correction ‘let me know’ ~
I have abt 80% of all my lines done – almost 35,000 people in my research, daily adding new ones, deleting doubles – so yes I know it isn’t perfect, or professional let alone up to academic level – I am not school smart (believe I have a touch of ADHD)  I am just REALLY GOOD at DIGGING! I love research! I love to read  – I love to learn – I love my Ancestors~
Only way I am going to get this story out it is to get out and tell it!
Anyone wanting me to give a presentation – just email me at
Jaybird is sitting here right now playing with my new amp he bought me- came with a wireless mic (full size) & sync’s with the box without any hook up – also bought the wireless microphone (one that pins to my shirt) can have 2 people on it at the same time!
It also has a iPod attachment – (gotta buy that now) so I can put all my Native American music on it and it can play at a touch of a button (love this feature) All and all the set up is awesome – perfect for what I want to do with this research!
I am so thankful for my wonderful husband – he has been the 1 true believer in me and has backed me all the way in all that I’ve needed…..I truly do believe he is a gift from the creator~ He has made the past 14 years of my life the best~
He has made sure I am fully set up to get out and tell my story!
It will be a couple of weeks before I am on here again~
Have a wonderful and safe summer~


I’ve been a family Genealogist/Native American Researcher for over 30+ years and have traced over 65,000+ people for my research - My main area of research is in MI, IN, CT, NY, RI, PA, MA, VA, VT, NJ, OH, KY, Block Island & Long Island areas - dealing with many of the colonial people & tribes in these locations.

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