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Been a crazy couple of months for me!

With my research trip to Michigan in May, a daughter graduating, a daughter getting married (and pregnant) and a trip to Beaumont TX – I am truly ready to get down to researching and locking my doors and become a hermit for 2 weeks! (Husband works offshore  – 2 weeks in/2 weeks out)

I have much info to add to my research and have added 2 new people to my research teamCheryl (Sheri) Church she descends from George Allen and Lydia Sutliff – his 1st wife – George Allen then married my Great Grandmother Ada Barber of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Tribe – I do believe we also cross in a couple of other lines – she is helping me research George Allen’s lineage which is wonderful! I so needed help on that line!

I also have Pauline (Polly) & Jim Goodwin join my team – Polly descends from the Barber, Short and a couple of other lines also~ She is helping me get all the documents I need in the Michigan area along with helping me fill in several blanks I needed filled – they have done extensive work and have joined forces with me to get all the documentation and records needed to back up my research~ So happy to have them on board – spent some time with them while in Michigan – even open their homes to us~ Just love finding all my extended family – nothing but love been given~

I am truly excited where my research is leading me – a lot more of the story is falling into place for me! I am working on the 1850-1900’s right now and getting the last little bit of proof I was needing (reason for the Michigan trip) I have several Chiefs and lineages I will need to be adding to my files – much work to be done on this – but believe the Tonawanda Indian Tribe in New York are affiliated with the Barbers, Shorts and several other of my lineages~

I will have to plan another trip to Michigan (around October – want the changing of seasons) I also believe I am descending from the Saginaw Chippewa Tribes through my Grandmother – Campau – once again much work to be done on this but believe I found the connection~

Many Native American lines in my work are coming together – but I have to add many lines also – starting from scratch so will work on them as necessary in my research~