Camper is finally bought and now have to buy a truck to haul it!

We have the camper finally at home – had a 14 hr round trip drive to pick it up but it is mine now! Love it! Perfect for my genealogy trips I will be planning for next year~ We own 3 trucks now and none will be able to pull it I believe – gonna sell 2 of them – Husband took me truck shopping and I found a 2008 Nissan Titan I really liked – in the works to buy it now (so far this camper is costing me money lol instead of saving) The Nissan is a 5.6 V8 and will haul anything I will ever need ~ I haven’t done much researching for the past couple of months – been super busy with children and such – Still waiting on my 2nd Granddaughter to be born – she is overdue and if not born before Monday they will induce her at 5 am – My 1st Granddaughter is starting school (pre-K) so been getting her ready for that – been babysitting this summer to help out my daughter – really hard to research with a 4 yr old around~ Hope you are having a wonderful summer!