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I had to repost this new search engine info – sent to me via email – SuperSearch

This week officially released SuperSearch, a brand new search engine for historical records.This is an exciting moment for lovers of genealogy worldwide. It’s found on  SuperSearch includes 4+ billion genealogy records from our acquisition of WorldVitalRecords last year, such as birth, marriage, death, burial, census, military, immigration, yearbooks and other types of records, plus scans of original documents. SuperSearch also includes MyHeritage family trees, photos and members that are public – altogether more than one billion unique MyHeritage records from all countries of the world. There are many highlights such as the world’s largest collection of historical newspapers, all UK census records from 1841 till 1901 and more. SuperSearch is growing fast, millions of historical records and family tree profiles are added daily. Next week 17 million exclusive vital records from Venezuela will be added. We’re adding a full index of the 1940 US Federal Census. So even if you don’t find what you’re looking for on SuperSearch, chances are we’ll have it for you soon.
SuperSearch features:

• Worldwide coverage, with strong collections for the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada.
• Easily search for historical records of any person by first name and/or last name, with optional dates or places.
• Search also by keywords, events, relationships and other advanced criteria. Many different soundex types are supported.
• Synonyms and initials of first names are covered. For example, if you search for William, we’ll also catch Bill, Vilhelm, Guillaume, Guglielmo and other synonyms and international variations.
• Find people without even knowing their last name, for example, find 3 brothers in the same family using only their first names and relationship as siblings, or find all people born on a certain date or in a certain town.
• Run a global search to cover all our data collections at once, or drill down to search only in one collection.
• SuperSearch is smart enough to figure out the likely gender of the person you’re trying to find.
• Choose between a mode that shows all results, and a summary mode that shows the count of matches from each collection.
• Results arrive fast, typically within a second, ranked by relevance.
SuperSearch includes Record Matching Technology, which can find matching historical records automatically for your family tree. We are about to release this technology in the next few weeks, and will announce it separately once available.
Subscriptions and credits : Viewing results from some data collections is free (e.g. 1930 & 1940 US census, Social Security Death Index, Ellis Island, etc). Viewing other records requires a new type of subscription, called a data subscription, which also provides unlimited access to Record Matches.
Special offer: We have some great news: for a limited-time period in celebration of the launch of SuperSearch, data subscriptions are discounted 36%, so now is the best time to get one. Get a discounted data subscription now or view the prices. You can also view specific records by purchasing pay-as-you-go credits.
Summary: is expanding into historical records and now you can get the best tools for building your family tree and for discovering your family history in one integrated website.
SuperSearch is a new and easy to use search engine for historical records, with 4+ billion records and many records that are exclusive. It includes the MyHeritage family trees that were not searchable before, and the world’s largest newspaper collection. SuperSearch runs in all 38 languages supported by MyHeritage. There is probably a wealth of information on your ancestors and relatives here waiting for you to discover. This is exciting as you may now be able to unravel some of the mysteries of your family history.
SuperSearch and Record Matches require a data subscription or credits to view records, although some records can be viewed for free. For a limited time we are offering a huge discount of 36% on data subscriptions, so take advantage of it before it expires.
If you have any question about SuperSearch or the special offer, please send us a note at
MyHeritage team


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