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Happy Father’s Day!

I believe poetry & writing flows deep within our families roots.  I know that my mother, Ruth Ann wrote, her mother Edit (Webster) wrote, and Edith’s father Bert wrote poetry.  I am contemplating Father’s day & wanted to share a poem I wrote for my father.  I wrote this shortly after his death in 2008.  This is to all the Father’s who are no longer with us.

A Poem for my Daddy

More than a father,
more than a friend,
our love has no limit,
our friendship no end.

Although I cannot see you,
I known I’m not alone….
‘Cause my daddy’s always with me,
Even though we are apart,
I know because you told me,
you’ll forever be in my heart.

Sometimes when I close my eyes,
I see you sitting there in your chair
and I climb on your lap and lay my head on your shoulder…
and I am a child again.

You can learn more about my dad, Mickey Vincent on my Blog, Sherita’s World

Much love from Michigan, Sherry