I have been ask to speak at the University of Connecticut~

I have also been asked to speak with Timothy H. Ives, Ph.D. and his class in April and possibly in Spring – he is with the Department of Anthropology at the University of Connecticut – I’m so excited – have to add what he emailed me:
“Any direction you would want to steer things in is good. But I think one fascinating thing to include are your experiences and views on the use of modern technology to reconnect with other people of native descent. The academic “literature” hasn’t really caught up to speed on this topic and you seem to be on the cutting edge.” (taken from Tim Ives email to me 1/4/12)

I have confirmed a date of April 19th to speak (either in person or Skype) at the University of Connecticut about my research~
I have brought Sheryl Robinson on board to help me with the academics of it all – she has taught classes on several things and has worked for the different areas of the school system – her husband Butch Robinson is of my direct Barber cousin Descendant – they have joined me in several of these trips/along with adding their family research and work – I have faith that between her and I we can put a great presentation together~ I’m really excited about this~ I believe I would like to do this in person so Sheryl and I are trying to work it into our schedules – would be a 2 night thingy – all in all just fly in for the class~

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