Updated Books I Own~

I’ve updated my book collection – ordered a few more Saturday – Main list 52-57 are new and on Herbal List 8-10 are new~ Should be here by 10th~ My research is leading me to the early 1700’s and the King Philips War now – which I just visited the Archaeology dig as the guest of Kevin McBride whom has been my main Archaeologist in the Native American Pequot & King Philips war sites – he has also allowed Veronica Sue Hawkins my cousin and her family to join me on visiting these digs – along with taking us back to his personal lab and view all they collected (Mainly Pequot War – the King Philips site was just recently found)
I’ve taken videos and photo of these visits (can be viewed in my video page (videos open in YouTube) and photo albums (Facebook Group Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village)