I know I’ve been MIA – will be like this for the winter – have tons of stuff to add and research – have all the missing links – now to put it all together~ I’m on the computer but check email and facebook here and there – leave me a message and will answer ASAP when I see it – I’ve been working on my Office OneNote to sync it to my iPad – many notes needed to be fixed or edited – it has taken me 3 weeks to get this accomplished – much needed thou (have had OneNote since it came out – many needed converted to 2010) – now I have this done I will be able to finally start digging in and work thur the Narragansett genealogy – they all married into the same families and named their children all the same – this is not gonna be an easy task – Have some bases done + have documentation/books and such that will help me weed thur it all~ I will start all of this this coming weekend (have Grand baby Tues-Fri of this week – daughter going out of town to see her sister in PA) Pat Morey, Patricia Stone, Naomi Carolyn, Sheryl Robinson. Veronica Sue Hawkins and all my other researchers – Appreciate all the notes, records, info and such – now time to put it all together~

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