I’ve been asked to speak to 80 children ages 3-5

Nov. 17th at 11:00 a.m. at the W. S. Lafargue Elementary School in Thibodaux La for a Thanksgiving treat for the children by one of the  teacher’s – Louise Soudelier~

I’ve planned a show and tell for the children and a Q & A after each artifacts – I have collect several artifacts during my trips along with the several I’ve found or collected – a lot of on hands things the children can actually touch – Soap Stone that actually came from one the archaeology dig I’ve attended, along with several arrowheads, Indian beads and instruments – I’ve collected thru the year~
I’ve also researched Massasoit and the 1st Thanksgivings several years ago and have it in my files I’ve put together a brief true Thanksgiving Story and the events that happened –  Massasoit is Father-in-law of wife of 2nd cousin 12x removed to me (Coni Dubois)
Photo’s will be taken – and I’ve been asked to have lunch with them~
I’m truly honored to be asked to do this~