Month: November 2011


I know I’ve been MIA – will be like this for the winter – have tons of stuff to add and research – have all the missing links – now to put it all together~ I’m on the computer but check email and facebook… Continue Reading “MIA”

your blessing bend my knees in thanksgiving

Note from Coni – this has been a favorite of mine – I love Howard’s Work~ I read it often~ Have a beautiful and wonderful Thanksgivings~   From a Song For Mother Earth by Howard Rainer  Grandfather, teach me with the words of a… Continue Reading “your blessing bend my knees in thanksgiving”

I bought a new computer

…………and it has taken me 3 days to transfer, rearrange & organize all my files (still doing it) I have set up everything to sync to my iPad – so will be much easier to find what I’m looking for – I have to… Continue Reading “I bought a new computer”

Got a email from Ken Feder 11/19/11:

All, Well, the good news is that the Forestry folks have been able to remove all of the spray paint from the new sign. I’ve enclosed a photo I just took (Saturday afternoon). Even up close, you can’t see any of the paint. Yay… Continue Reading “Got a email from Ken Feder 11/19/11:”

Had a WONDERFUL time with the Children at the WS Lafargue Elementary School

Was asked by one of the teachers Louise Soudelier to do this for the school~ Was wonderful to finally meet her – been email and phone conversations for a couple of weeks now – wonderful women~ Was a honor for me to do this~… Continue Reading “Had a WONDERFUL time with the Children at the WS Lafargue Elementary School”

On front Page with President Obama

I was featured in the Daily Comet Newspaper out of Thibodaux Louisiana on July 25th 2011 and on the front page was an article on President Obama – I was truly honored to see my photo along beside his~ Just recently I was asked… Continue Reading “On front Page with President Obama”

I’ve been asked to speak to 80 children ages 3-5

Nov. 17th at 11:00 a.m. at the W. S. Lafargue Elementary School in Thibodaux La for a Thanksgiving treat for the children by one of the  teacher’s – Louise Soudelier~ I’ve planned a show and tell for the children and a Q & A… Continue Reading “I’ve been asked to speak to 80 children ages 3-5”

Have been a busy bee~

I have been steadily working on and adding all the info that I collected during this last trip (have tons more to add thou) I have updated my research books (have a few more to add) I have found the last missing piece of… Continue Reading “Have been a busy bee~”

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