Email from Pam Gasner for the Block Island Tribute for June 26th 2011

Connie- received approval from Town of monument to read “in honor of the Manissean’s   Their ancestors and descendants”. I will email you a drawing this weekend. The 350 committee is paying for the stone to be located near the Indian cemetery at Fresh Pond. The other stone for the village site is being funded by the historical society and we are hoping to receive pledges towards it. The cost is $500.  If you can put the word out that would be great. It will be a natural stone located on the trail where we can  add the memory piles. “Manissean village site.  500 BC” dedicated 2011 will be inscribed. Looking forward to your visit.
Pam Gasner

Address:     18 Old Town Road & Ocean Ave.
Block Island, RI 02807 USA
Phone:          401-466-2481
Additional Phones  research: 401-864-4357
fall hours: 11 – 4 weekends or by appt. weekdays
Directions:     The Museum & Shop are located across from the bank at the 4 way intersection (Bridgegate Square) in the Victorian Red Mansard Roof building

One thought on “Email from Pam Gasner for the Block Island Tribute for June 26th 2011

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