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Trip sign up! Need to know who is coming and to what for Genealogy Trip~

I need to make a list of those planning on meeting me during this upcoming Genealogy trip from June 25-July 16th – For those planning on meeting me at any time during the trip please confirm attending on my Facebook Event found here

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Been working on the Find A Grave site~

I’ve been adding the Cemeteries to the Chagum lineage – Can be viewed here

As I find them I’ve been adding to it – it is in alphabetical order so easy to find the one you are looking for~

This Virtual grave is of my lineage on both my Mother and Father’s side~

If there is a Find A Grave for the Chagum line that you know of and I don’t have it in this list please let me know so I can include them also~

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Block Island Manissean Ancestral Stone – Need donations~

This stone is the one that Pam Gasner is asking for donations on –

she was just informed the stone will cost over $2500.00

Any help would be appreciated!
Block Island Sign Donation Info:
Donation for the sign for the Block Island Native Americans can be made to:
Block Island Historical Society/Pam Gasner
PO Box 79, Block Island, RI 02807
Phone: 401-864-4357

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My research books are done!

To follow the paths of my Ancestor’s
Has been a wonderful experience for me~
18 years ago my Father asked me to
research our Native American Roots –
Sadly he passed away Sept of 2010 and
wasn’t able to see the finishing results of this research~
~Thank You Dad~
I will always be updating this -Every day a new discovery
To view my:
Chagum & Barber Native American Genealogy Research Books  – Click Here
(A 2 part book series)

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Lifetime of Protector’s

I’m going a little bit off the beaten path here today …………

I was 2 years old when I was attacked by a dog – It left me with scars and a dent in my head and years of headaches – I’ve always been fearful of them and sometimes freeze up when around them – yet I’ve always had dogs that protected me and watched over me~

Growing up we had a dog named Pooh Bear – She was fond of me and always went where I did – We spent years wondering the woods and exploring – she protected me from all danger – down to almost getting kidnapped (Man pulls up tells me to get in  I say no and he steps out and before he could put his foot on the ground Pooh Bear had him by the leg – needless to say he sped off)

I just buried my 12 year old bull dog Teddy Bear –  We just rented a house – he had never been in it and while investigating it on his 1st visit – He uncovered 2 run away boys from Juvy – They were hiding out in my attic on top of attempted robbery – Teddy refused to let me in the house and police was called – To make a long story short – police pulled the boys out of my attic and once the house was clear Teddy allowed me in – Needless to say Police wanted my dog ~

Now I have Boogie Bear – He is the son of Teddy and has the same wonderful spirit – As I watched him chase the squirrels from my strawberry patch today – I realized he watches me day in and day out tend to the strawberry’s and he knew the squirrels couldn’t eat them – He is but 2 years old and has yet to protect me from real harm – but in my heart I know he will~