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Coni’s Theory: I believe James Chagum is actually James Hazard

After many years of researching and hunting down my Ancestor’s it has lead me to the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village – There has been many things over the years written abt my people and much of the stories can be based on some truth…. but not all of it~

I have been working on a new theory and need help proving one way or the other – regardless of how I work it – it always comes back to this theory~

Other theories:

James (of Barkhamsted) is either the son of  ‘Great James‘ & Janey Chagum or Samuel their son? (Samuel could possible be a brother to Great James -at time unsure – I believe they are brothers) it is the same Samuel Chagum that stole the canoe on Block Island & who I believe became the Nocakes/Noka part of the Narragansett Indians. (Due to indenturing of their children many changed their names – some several times)

Can listen to some of the story of Samuel Chagum here:

7/7/15 - Manisses: A People and a Place ℗Glenda Luck
Published on Jul 5, 2015 - Music: Provided to YouTube by CDBaby
Click here to hear: (Part 1)  "Narr 6 (feat. Coni Dubois)" by Glenda Luck
Click here to hear: (Part 2)  "Sam Chagum (Chagum's Pond)" by Glenda Luck  
Click here to hear: (Part 3) "Narr 7 (feat. Shirlyne Gobern - Coni Dubois)"  

My Theory: I believe that James of Barkhamsted is NOT the son of either “Great James’ or Samuel BUT the GRANDSON to ‘Great James’ & Janey Chagum/Chogam via their daughter Janey who had a Son named James HAZARD as written in Janey1 will (who I believe becomes our Barkhamsted James) I believe that if James & Mary did flee is it possible that James change his name also? (keep in mind we haven’t found Molly’s true identity yet – is she a Barber/Barbour or is that the maiden name of her Mother possibly?)

  1. We know that Janey1 Chagum (Wife to Great James) owned land on Block Island & Rhode Island hence her will (see below)
  2. I want to note: I believe Janey1 (Wife to Great James) is a Ninegretdaughter of George1 Augustus Ninegret & Sarah Sachem (Sarah is daughter of Thomas Sachem & Mary Penhawiss) I also believe is one of the reason the pond on block Island is called Sachem/Chagum Pond.
    Historical sketch of the town of Charlestown in Rhode Island : from 1636 to 1876

    Voted and resolved, that the trustees of Ninegret, sachem, render an account of their trust to the next session of this Assembly.
    Whereas, George Ninegret, Indian sachem of the Narragansett Indians, humbly requested of this honorable Assembly to appoint George Wanton, of Newport, in the county of Newport, merchant, one of his overseers, he being well assured of his fidelity and justice in the management of his affairs ; Whereupon, it is voted and ordered, that the said George Wanton be, and he is hereby, appointed a trustee or overseer to the said sachem, to have the same power in all respects with the other trustees.
    Notes: * Old Ninegret, who reserved this land for his tribe and himself, died somewhere about 1722. He gave to the colony a quit-claim deed of all his vacant lands, except a tract bounded as aforesaid: Beginning at the mouth of Cross’ mill brook, (anciently known as Davill’s,) where it empties into the salt pond, aud thence from said brook on a straight line northerly to Pasquesett pond, and then along Pasquesett brook until it joins the Pawcatuck river at Kenyon’s Mills ; thence along the said river westward to Benjamin Burdick’s bridge, (more recently called Brown’s bridge at Burdickville 😉 and thence southerly toward Wequopogue, a stream running into Quonocontaug pond a little to the west of Quonocontaug Neck, and thence to the Post Road; and then following said road eastward to Christopher Champlin’s dwelling house, or very near it; and from thence south to the salt pond, and so along the shore of said pond to the first mentioned bound.

7/27/2011: Email from Jeff Howe/Author in regards to my search for Jane Chagum – I don’t know if you had found her will in Charlestown 1756 (I think) it was published (abstracted) in R.I.Genealogical Register vol 7 #1 but basically names her daughter Janey Chagum, lands given to her by Tom Ninnegret in Ch. but says her father George Ninegret gave her lands in New Shoreham.   Jeff

Town Clerk’s Office: 4540 South County Trail – Charlestown, RI 02813 – (401) 364-1200 – (fax) (401) 364-1238 –

Abstract of Will for Janey Chagam
RIGR Vol 7: Chagam, Janey, female, Indian, of Ch. Will dated 22 Mar 1762, proved 1st Mon Apr 1762, pg 55. Mentions: Daughter Janey Chagam. Grandson James Hazard son of daughter Janey Chagam. Land in Ch belonging to Neigrett & his tribe in Indians, said land now in the possession of James Chagam & was given me by the Present Sacham Thomas Nenigrett, Father George Nenigrett. Land in New Shoreham.  Witn: Peleg Cross, Jonathan Ladd, John Welch.

Will of Janey ChagamTranscribed by Coni Dubois 8/8/2011  – blanks are words I just can’t make out~

Charlestown March of 22 day in the Second year of the ___ King George the third over Great Brittan __ and in the year of our Lord Christ 1762
I Janey Chagam of Charleston in King County in the Colony of Rhode Island __(of) being of perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament that unto (into) say first I will that all my funeral charges and just debts be paid in reasonable time after my deacas by my execater hereafter named out of my estate. Items I give and bequeath into my will beloved Grandson James Hazard son of my daughter Janey Chagam all my personal estate item I likewise give to my said Grandson all my rights and property of lands in said Charleston belonging to Nenigrett and his tribe of Indians said lands that I claime in now in the posesion of Jams Chogam and was given to me by the present Sacham Thomas Nenegrett Father George Nenigrett __ Item I likewise give to my said Grandson James Hazard all my right and tile of land lying on New Shoreham in the county of Newport and Colony above said to him his heirs and asign forever item my will is that my Grandson James keep and maintain me in sufficient meet, drink, clothing, washing and lodging during my natural life and at my deceas to give a decent buryal and I due appoint ordain my said Grandson James my whole and sole Executor of this my last Last will and testament hereby acknowledging and Disannulling all other former wills Leaguels and bequeaths ratifying and confirming this and do other to be my last will and testament in witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal the date afore written
Sign Sealed and delivered by the Jeaney Chogam as her last will and testament
In presence of us    The word and property was _______(inbrothed?) before signing and sealing
Peleg   Cross                                                                                                 Her
Jonathan Ladd                        Janey   Chogam  (+) seal (which is a circle with a cross in it)
John Welch                                        Mark 
_____________ (?) Town Clerk

Will of Janey Chagam Part 1Janey Chagum Will Part 2
3. At this time I am uncertain as to the father to James (Barkhamsted) – I do believe (still need to prove all of this) that possibly also named James Hazard (1st) or James was named after his Grandfather ‘Great James’

What I need is any and everything on any James Hazard from the 1700’s to the 1770’s – any help is appreciated~



I’ve been a family Genealogist/Native American Researcher for over 30+ years and have traced over 65,000+ people for my research - My main area of research is in MI, IN, CT, NY, RI, PA, MA, VA, VT, NJ, OH, KY, Block Island & Long Island areas - dealing with many of the colonial people & tribes in these locations.

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