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ALL MY Allen Descendants: Past few days I have been working closely with John Robb of the Allen DNA Patrilineage 2 Project – which I am a crucial part of this project with the DNA of my Uncle Russ Allen brother to my father Rex Allen – I have been emailing all that he is needing to further research on our DNA thru his project/research – I am SUPER excited over what has been happening – OUR ALLEN LINE IS A MYSTERY & and even been called UNIQUE & ANCIENT – You can view all of his updates at:

Russ Allen’s DNA Results (My Father’s Brother)
DNA test done by: Family Tree DNA
Kit #: 366700
Haplogroup: R-Z2542
Notes: In Indigenous Americans groups, R-M173 is the most common haplogroup after the various Q-M242, especially in North America in Ojibwe people at 79%, Chipewyan 62%, Seminole 50%, Cherokee 47%, Dogrib 40% and Papago 38%. The decreasing gradient of haplogroup R-M207 from Northeastern to Southwestern North America is evidence that this results from European admixture – (Malhi 2008). Taken from:
DNA Projects Russ Allen is in:
1. TDNA ALLEN (R) Patrilineage Project  – Administrator: John Robb
2. Allan/Allen/Allin
3. R-M222 and Subclades
(# 3: We’ve been asked to stay in this til they get the Haplogroup in the right area)
4. AmerIndian Ancestry
5. R _R1b ALL Subclades
6. R1b-S14328-Genealogy