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Email from John B. Robb on DNA on my Uncle Russ Allen – Ancient Allen Line

Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 1:29 PM
I’ve posted your DNA results to the ALLEN Patrilineage 2 main page,  and have rewritten the whole of the DNA analytical section (accessible via links under “Analysis of ALLEN Patrilineage 2 DNA” in the upper left navigation panel) to take account of them, and of all the other new or extended haplotypes that have come into the project over the last six months.
Your haplotype, as it turns out, even independent of your genealogy, is highly significant to the project as a whole, given how different and divergent it is from those of all the others.
I’ve summarized the changes I’ve made in the project news section.  The DNA analytical sections get fairly complicated and technical, but in brief the fact that your haplotype, and also the extended haplotype of long time project member Kathy Phipps, who descends from a third ALLEN patriarch who appears to have immigrated to Maryland, means that this patrilineage, with its ALLEN surname, is quite ancient, with the first patriarch to use ALLEN as a permanent hereditary surname probably born in the 1300s.  I believe your line split off from the main ALLEN tree only a generation or three after that and has run independent from those of all the other project members ever since, thus you probably descend from a fourth, as yet unidentified, American immigrant patriarch.
John B. Robb
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May 3, 1779 – Abraham Kellogg to James Chogam – 70 acres known as Ragged Mountain/Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village

Please forward this to any family members that you think would like to go!

Click here to go to: Facebook EVENT for Barkhamsted Lighthouse Reunion 2015

We are but a few months away and time to lock down your campsites (very few are left) or get your hotel accommodations – it will be the 4th of July weekend and many are filling up~

For all the locals that will be joining us we are in need of grills (A LOT) I will be providing hotdog’s and hamburgers (we are doing the whole deal – chilli, cheese, and all the fixings for hamburgers & hotdogs) I will be providing all plates, napkins, silverware – but everyone will be responsible for their own drinks (NO ALCOHOL is allowed) so many allergies and unsure what to have to please everyone’s preference – bring a cooler with drinks for your group~

I also am asking for a dish of anything to share – it will make for a variety of food and if all brings 1 dish we should have enough to feed the crowd expected~ (believe we are gonna have a HUGE crowd so I am needing help with volunteers in many areas)

I am gonna need cooks, clean up crews and security for the crowd and to make sure that it runs smoothly – I will be getting with the local police also~

Parking is going to be a issue for our Saturday event – Parade route will make parking difficult – I will have to figure out where we are gonna put everyone and how we are gonna get everyone to the area – (It is a State Park – they charge for parking – and narrow roads around the area) we have some parking at the Historical Society – we will need to get this all arranged – please GROUP UP for the eventbring as few vehicles as you can~

I will be in the area on Monday so will be there the whole week prior to the event – I will need contact numbers and such for locals and those volunteering~

So excited!!! Can’t wait! Looking forward to meeting all of you! REMEMBER ALL are welcome to join us for our reunion – it is open to anyone wanting to join in on bringing the the Barkhamsted Lighthouse/Chagum family together since the 1820’s (when Mary/Molly Chagum died)

ALMOST 200 years later (195 years ago)

It was on May 03, 1779 that James Chagum PURCHASED 70 acres from Abraham Kellogg

Which is known now as the Ragged Mountain Land & home of our Barkhamsted Lighthouse Village

1779 March 3  Abraham Kellogg to James Chughom purchase of Ragged Mountian

May 3, 1779Abraham Kellogg to James Chogam
70 Acres Volume: 1  Pages: 205 & 206
To all peoples to whom these Presents Shall Come – Greeting
Know ye that I Abraham Kellog of New Hartford in the County of Litchfield and State of Connecticut for the Consideration of twenty one Pounds Lawful money Recieved to my full Satisfaction of James Chogam of New Hartford in the County and State afore said Do Give Grant Bargain Sell and Confirm unto the Said James Chogan and his heirs forever a Certain Piece of Land Lying in the town of Berkhamsted in said County Butted and Bounded as ___ (viz) East and west on Highways North on Nathll Gillet ___ South on James Mc______ Land Lyeth at the place Called Ragged Mountain and Contains Seventy acres to have and the above Granted and Bargained Premisses with ___ appurtenance there of unto him the Said James and his heirs and assigns for his and their own proper use and Behoof and also I the said ___Do for my self and my heirs Excutors and administrators ___ with the said James and his heirs Executors and administrators ___ with the said James and his heirs and assigns that it and until Ensealing of this Presence I was well seized of the premisses and Indefeasible Estate in fee- Simple and have good rights to have and sell the same in manner and form as is above written that the same is free of all Incumebrances whatsoever & further I the said Abraham Do by these Presents Bind my self and my heirs forever to warrant and Defend the above Granded and Bargained Premises to him the said James and his heirs assigns ___ Claims and Demands whatsoever in Witness where of I have hereunto my hand and seal the 3 day of March in the year of our Lord 1779
Signed, Sealed and Delivered in Presence of
Zebulon Merrill                                               Abram Kellogg (Seal)
Hannah Merrill
Litchfield County of New Hartford March 3, 1779
Personally appeared Abram Kellog Signer and Sealer of the foregoing Instrument and acknowledged the Same to be his free act and Deed Before me,
Zebulon Merrill Just. Peace
The foregoing Deed was Given in for Record June 22, 1785 and Recorded by me John Crane Town Register