Email from John B. Robb on DNA on my Uncle Russ Allen – Ancient Allen Line

Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 1:29 PM
I’ve posted your DNA results to the ALLEN Patrilineage 2 main page,  and have rewritten the whole of the DNA analytical section (accessible via links under “Analysis of ALLEN Patrilineage 2 DNA” in the upper left navigation panel) to take account of them, and of all the other new or extended haplotypes that have come into the project over the last six months.
Your haplotype, as it turns out, even independent of your genealogy, is highly significant to the project as a whole, given how different and divergent it is from those of all the others.
I’ve summarized the changes I’ve made in the project news section.  The DNA analytical sections get fairly complicated and technical, but in brief the fact that your haplotype, and also the extended haplotype of long time project member Kathy Phipps, who descends from a third ALLEN patriarch who appears to have immigrated to Maryland, means that this patrilineage, with its ALLEN surname, is quite ancient, with the first patriarch to use ALLEN as a permanent hereditary surname probably born in the 1300s.  I believe your line split off from the main ALLEN tree only a generation or three after that and has run independent from those of all the other project members ever since, thus you probably descend from a fourth, as yet unidentified, American immigrant patriarch.
John B. Robb

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