Will be in Hartford/Barkhamsted/Winsted CT this week!

Getting ready for my trip to Hartford CT on Tues. – Will be super busy for 4 days and meeting so many people!!!!

I am looking forward to meeting with Lewis Mill’s Granddaughter – Ruth Vela
(he wrote the poetry book on the Barkhamsted Lighthouse Native American Village)

I am also meeting with MANY of the descendants on Aug 13th for Pizza W/Coni – also hope to have Winsted Journal and ctv13 crew looks to be coming

I am also appearing for the 2nd time on “The Senior Chat Hour” on ctv13 with host’s Jo-Ann Schmitt & her Mother Lorraine Hart.

I am meeting with archaeologist Marc Banks & Paul Hart and will be visiting sites of interest~

I will also be covering Hartford CT sites – Ancient Burial Grounds and other points of interest – all in 4 days!

4 of my researchers are joining me on this trip – Veronica Lee Hawkins, Tanna Chesser, Naomi Carolyn & Cheryl Valenti

I will also be picking up my paintings by Allan Madahbee – have purchased – Red Wing Black  Bird, Petroglyphs & Mother Earth
Will be able to have Drew Shuptar Rayvis as our guide at the The Institute for American Indian Studies and will be meeting with Archeologist Lucianne Lavin while at the Institute! Can’t wait! Will have lots to post once I return!

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