I will be tackling the Mohegan lineages that ties into my lines next~

I am just waiting on several books to come in and I will be tackling the Mohegan lines mostly in the Montville Ct. area and the Uncas lineages – I have done much work on Uncas but the time frame I am needing is the 1700’s to the 1750’s and my research has lead me to Montville CT – not just on my Paternal sides but also my Maternal sides (Gilbert’s, Pratt’s and such)

I have just received my soft cover copy of
History of Montville, CT: Formerly the North Parish of New London from 1640-1896
by Henry Augustus Baker which I will be tackling (724 pgs)
It has genealogy of the earlier settlers, Military and so much more – digital copy just wasn’t cutting it for me – I mark and make notes in my actual copies – it is how I do my research~
Free Google EBook
Free digital copy at Internet Archives
ancestry.com search here
I want to send a thank you to Cheryl (Sheri) Church who found the book for me~

Updated research books!

All updated research books can be found at: https://conidubois.wordpress.com/my-research-book/

All Books Updated:

  • Great James Chagum/Shawgum – 254 pgs (5.43 MB)
  • Father of Mechoswodt Native American genealogy – 313 pgs (7.04 MB)
  • Tashtussuck Native American genealogy – 308 pgs (6.66 MB)
  • Wnwanda Native American genealogy – 437 pgs (9.08 MB)
  • Na-Ges-Sis genealogy – 66 pgs (2.38 MB)
  • Tama-Quawshad  Native American genealogy – 78 pgs (2.27 MB)
  • Elder Ninegret Native American genealogy – 180 pgs (4.61 MB)
  • Father Sachem  Native American genealogy – 33 pgs (1.82 MB)
  • New Moon Nanapashemet Native American genealogy – 36 pgs (1.75 MB)
  •  Weesoemequn-Yellowfeather Native American genealogy – 66 pgs ( 2.35 MB)