Clarenda (Short, Barber) Porter death records~ “They Go Together”

Alan Porter & Clorinda (Short, Barber) Porter - Only photo I have and not a very good copy - would like to get a better copy if anyone has it
Alan Porter & Clorinda (Short, Barber) Porter – Only photo I have and not a very good copy – would like to get a better copy if anyone has it

Clarenda/Clorinda/Clarinda was 1st married to Theodore Barber – during the war he was wounded and knew he was dying – he asked his friend Allen A Porter to go and marry his wife and raise his children – which he did~

Obituary for Allan A. Porter and Clarinda Short Porter
Titled: “They Go Together”  Wife Succumbs to Heart Trouble Two Hours After Husband’s Death “His Affliction the Same – Peculiar Coincidence in the Porter Home Near Henderson Last Night” 
Henderson, MI – July 8, 1912 – Death made two visits to the home of Allan A. Porter, Civil War veteran, two and one-half miles west of Henderson last night. Both Mr. and Mrs. Porter succumbed to heart trouble within two hours. Mr Porter died at 9 o’clock and it is believed that the shock brought an attack on Mrs. Porter, causing her demise two hours later. Mr. and Mrs. Porter had been troubled by their hearts for several years and on Saturday he consulted an Owosso physician. Mr Porter was able to work in the fields Saturday afternoon but did nothing yesterday. His death came suddenly and almost without warning. Mrs Porter  was almost prostrate with grief and two hours after the death of her husband, she went out on the porch to be alone for a time.  Martin Gegorski, a farm hand, was approaching the porch as she came out of the door. As he reached the side of the house, he saw her throw her arms into  the air and scream. He rushed to her side and heard her say “Oh Martin!” With these words, she fell into his arms dead.  News of the sudden deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Porter soon spread about the neighborhood and came as a profound shock to their many friends. They had lived in the neighborhood for 40 years, and were highly esteemed. Mr. Porter was 66 years old and his wife __? (can’t read) Mr. and Mrs. Porter are survived by two sons and two daughters as follows: George Porter, living on the farm adjoining his father’s place on the north; Frank Porter, Mrs William Vanler, and  Mrs. David Shorts of Osceola County. George Porter is confined to his bed at his home and may not be able to attend funeral services for his  parents. The other children are expected home tonight at which time funeral arrangements will be made. The funeral will be a double one. At the request of friends, Coroner Gay Cole today accompanied the Owosso  undertaker to the Porter home.
Henderson, MI – July 11, 1912 – Last rites for Mr. and Mrs. Allan Porter who died within two hours of each other  Monday night at their home near Henderson, were held this afternoon. A  short service was held at the home at 1 o’clock and at 2 o’clock  appropriate services were held at the Henderson Church. The edifice was crowded to it’s capacity by symathizing friends. The two sombre caskets were placed side by side in front of the altar during the services. At the cemetery they were both lowered into one large grave, where the departed will sleep the long sleep together, as they went through the greater portion of their lives. Clarinda’s death certificate states the cause of death was “shock occasioned by the death of her husband.”  Contributory cause was Organic heart trouble. Informant was Frank Porter of West Branch, Michigan.
Henderson Town Info; Located in Rush Twp. Gideon Lee of New York City entered the first land purchase here in 1836 and he sold it to Josiah Isham who in turn sold it to Andrew Henerson in 1858. His son, John Henerson, for whom the village is named, built the first store in 1868 and first hotel in 1875. Hendersonville was given a post office named Hazel Green on May 14, 1868, with William Cook as postmaster. This village was platted by Ezra Mason in 1879 and became a station on a branch line of the Michigan Central Railroad. At that time it was called Henderson. A grain elevator, a couple of stores, the Methodist Church survive today, as well as several homes.

Clorinda (Short, Barber) Porter's written death record - donated by Polly Goodwin
Cloranda (Short, Barber) Porter’s written death record – donated by Polly Goodwin
Clarinda Short Porter Death Certificate typed - from Coni's files
Clarenda (Short, Barber) Porter Death Certificate typed – from Coni’s files

Burial Info: Riverside Cemetery Also known as/Old Henderson Cemetery: just east of Oakley Rd – Saint Charles – Saginaw County – Michigan  Located in section 23, on Chipman Road. It is township owned and recorded at the State of Michigan Library. Also located in the Shiawassee County USGENWEB PROJECT archives. GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 43.08080, Longitude: -84.19060

Clarinda (Short, Barber) Porter Tombstone
Clarinda (Short, Barber) Porter Tombstone

Clarinda G. Short Porter
Tombstone reads: July 8, 1912
Record added: Aug 5, 2001 by Leona Comstock
Birth: 1838 – Shortsville – Tioga County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: Jul. 8, 1912 Henderson, Shiawassee County, Michigan, USA
Wife of Theodore BARBER (died of wounds in CW) and Allen A. PORTER, daughter of Samuel E. and Olive (CUMMINGS) SHORT, mother of James, Theodore, Judd, and Nellie BARBER, William, Frank, Annie, George, and Ida Elizabeth PORTER. (Died of grief within a few hours of husband Allen A. Porter’s death. – There was a double funeral)

1875 Beers Map of Rush Shiawassee Michigan with Allen A & Clarinda Short - Porter homestead 20 acres
1875 Beers Map of Rush Shiawassee Michigan with Allen A & Clarinda Short – Porter homestead – 20 acres
1895 Beers Map of Rush Shiawassee Michigan with Allen A & Clarinda Short - Porter homestead 150 acres
1895 Beers Map of Rush Shiawassee Michigan with Allen A & Clarinda Short – Porter homestead 150 acres

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