Where I am in my research~

I am getting ready to lock all my doors and get down to some serious researching ( so love that my office is my home!)

I have my presentation done and want to finish up on sorting out the few line I need to work on in my files – Working on the Mongotucksee line (Grand Sachem of Long IslandMontauk Tribe) at the moment main focus is his son Wyandanch and his daughter’s “Heather Flower” (the one kidnapped) I believe has been confused with “Quashawam” (Queen – not kidnapped)
I descend from Wyandanch brother Asharoken/Raseokan (Sagamore of Ketewomoke The Mattinicocks – Cow Habor) who was married to Sister of Penhawitz II
I also descend from Sister of Penhawitz I (both daughters of KakapeteynoChief Sachem of Canarsee Tribe) whom was married to Mechoswodt (Chief Sachem of Massapequa and of Cow Bay (Matinecock) & Dependencies) The Chagum line descends from their son Mayawetinnemin/Tackapousha Last known Sachem of Long Island – (which was known as the land of the Grandfather’s of the Grandfathers)
Tackapousha is my 11th GGrandfather ~
I have abt 65 % of these lines done – everyday lines are connecting and people are coming on board that have the branches of my tree that I am missing – as I work my way through the 1600’s -1700’s I see how the tribes and the family/people are merging.
Daily a new discovery and a daily a piece of the puzzle is solved -I am in so many directions with all the connections lately~
Been a busy few weeks for me lately – got out of the house enjoying time with hubby  – now time to get down to researching~

2 thoughts on “Where I am in my research~

  1. would love to communicate about the lines of Asharokan and Tackapousha and how all the western Long Island sachems were inter-related. I can find no books or articles to help.


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