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Have updated all my research books!

These are my main research booksClick here to view – I have also done research on several other tribes that are not listed~ Over 26,000 people are in my research~Let me know if you find any errors or have a record you’d like to donate to this research – all are welcomed to help fill in the blanks~
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Dream is truly becoming a reality!

My Husband Jay Dubois did great on the projector and setup for me! He got it all figured out and works GREAT – he has created my own lil wifi world – I am able to run my iPad as a remote for the projector during presentations – this is a major plus for me  all I would want to share is on m iPad – gives me freedom to show many things now – not just presentations – files, records, maps and so much more – I was able to walk outside and still change the screen with my iPad SO COOL – Only need a screen or a wall (didn’t purchased that most places have them already)
Along with all of this we have completely installed security camera‘s around our home/garage – now have 24/7 security system – even able to view it wherever we go: on our cells, pads & computers – not so worried about our home as much now – Alerts the police and fire – we have our dog that protects it + I live in a neighborhood – we all have each others back when out of town also~
One big bonus from Jay being with the police (was a police officer for 6 years) we have made many friends – they pass by the house often for us also~
I am so ready!!!! Getting really excited!  All thanks to my husband – He is my biggest supporter and fan – I am completely able & ready to get on the road and track my ancestors now – he has provided everything to make this dream a reality – he knew how much this meant to my Father and he has made sure I will be able to do what needs to be done – none of this would of been possible without him~
The last thing on our list was our 2″ ball for trailer hitch and sway-bar & it is in! We only have to drive back to Lafayette to pick it up – that was all we needed! Can’t wait til May to come now!!!!
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Presentations here I come!

I have the BEST HUSBAND EVER! (Jay Dubois) Friday he ordered me all I will need to do presentations! He got me the Epson MegaPlex MG850-HD Projector, AirPort Express Base Station, anex ATV Pro HDMI to VGA Adapter with Audio Support along with a microphone and last month he had bought me the Apple Tv which all of this will connect to and make my own lil wifi/bluetooth world to run off of – I won’t have to worry about connecting to anything now regardless of where I speak at – works all from my iPad! I can’t wait to get it all in and set it up! I am OFFICIALLY READY for these trips!

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Barber Line: Do you know anyone in these photo’s?

07/12/1936 Wright - Lamkin Reunion at Potter Park in Lansing Michigan
07/12/1936 Wright – Lamkin Reunion at Potter Park in Lansing Michigan
1938 ReunionLynn Barber believes mostly of the Barber line
1938 Reunion
Lynn Barber believes mostly of the Barber line
These pictures came from Lynn Barber.
We were thinking perhaps you would want to post them online and see if your people could recognize some of the Barber family.
The picture from 1936 has some Barbers in it.
The 1936 reunion was called Wright-Lamkim, taken at Potter Park in Lansing Michigan on July 12, 1936.
The one from 1938 he thinks is mostly Barbers ….
JoAnn Bernice Barber Clupper
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Help the Montauk’s regain their tribal recognition!!!

The Montaukett Indian Nation’s status as a NY Indian tribe was unconstitutionally revoked in 1910 by the New York Supreme Court.
Bill A07420B/S 5894-B will overturn the 1910 ruling and create a procedure to restore the Montaukett as a historical New York Indian tribe.
Please sign their petition – only needing 60 more signatures!!
Don’t have to be in a tribe or Native American to step up and help!!