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As 2013 Nears~

I wanted to say thank you to all that have followed this blog this year – you have truly inspired me to dig deeper and tell more~
As 2013 comes closer – I am getting more and more excited – I can’t wait til spring and able to hit the road in my new camper and truck~ Been 20+ years of researching and now I get to walk the lands of my Ancestors – see where they lived at and where they died at~My #1 goal is to truly hunt all the cemeteries and pay my respects foremost~
I am in the process of mapping all my Ancestors also – pretty excited about going to each and every area and do all the recording I can of the areas and the Native American story behind them all~I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful and blessed year~
Looking forward to meeting a lot of you in my travels and I want to thank all that have contributed to this blog also~