8/6/1833 Ruben Barber Revolutionary War – Statement

State of New York – Tioga County
Reuben Barber of the Town of Catlin in the said County of Tioga being duly Sworn deposeth and saith that since he has learned through his ajent that the officers of the War Department who have in charge the excretion of the Pension act of June 7, 1832 have rejected him to prove his service as detailed in his application for pension under that act by two credible witnesses he has spent much time in traveling thorough “The Militan tract,” in the Stat of New York which many of the Revolution Soldiers were located in search of individuals with whom he served in the war of Revolution That he has been to the Town of Dryden in the Con__ ___ _______ where he aforesaid to have found Joseph Mead who served with him, but ascertained that he died a short time since. That he has also been to the town of Covert (?) in the County of Seneca where one Joseph Thomas who also served with him, lately lived but learning that he too was dead ” that he also has been to the town known of Fayette in Seneca County where Davis Cook who served with him, lately lived but ascertained that he removed about two hears since to the westward – but where he could not learn. The the only person living so far as he can learn that can testify in regard to his services is Jonas Yourmans of the County of Steuben, whose affidewit is affixed to his declaration – Having thus done all in his power to meet the requisition of the War Department without effect, he submits his cease to, in the hope that as death has made such savages of the relics of the Revolution (Pg2) and thinks ____ it improbable to produce two witness, and certain of a null ——
(Note from Coni:  next page is very light and hard to read)
Ruben Barber – (Signed his name)

Ruben Barber Revolutionary War – Pg 10 of 57 – Ruben’s Statement 1

Ruben Barber Revolutionary War – Pg 11 of 57 – Ruben’s Statement 2

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