Updated my Canarsee/Massapequa Native American Genealogy Research Book

Look for research book – Cacapeteyno (Penhawitz) 338 pgs 10 MB in my Research Books Tab above.
These research books are every day changing – with all the new finds and info being merged and pieces of the puzzle starts to fit together it is finally all starting to make sense to me – I still have so much to add – with all the corrections and such felt I needed to truly update to a newer version of the Penhawitz lineage – I do believe Cacapeteyno to be father to Penhawitz – only with the reference that he was Grand Sachem – and what I’m finding out it is truly by marriages along the island and family connections – I believe they are all connected by bloodlines – so with that in mind I’ve put Cacapeteyno as the father and oldest Ancestor to me~ The reason why I’m focusing mainly on this research book is because it ties in several of the major Native American’s and Chiefs of the island – and brings the story together better – best to follow this research book the closest – will be the main one for me~

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