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Update on my Research

OK Everyone – Need some help……. I’m gonna have to be tackling Charlestown Rhode Island Records to get as much info as I can on the Chagums and their lives with the Narragansett – I have tons and tons of books coming in – I’m needing help on Ninegret’s lineage – I’m not at this moment believing Janey Chagam/Chagum was a daughter to “George Ninegret” or any of the Ninegrets (there is a 1% belief that there might be “some” connection but at this time unsure/no proof) I do believe I’ve uncovered the connection to the Hazard/Name thru the Narraganset which would be thru James and Janey Chagum’s daughter Janey Chagum – whom married a Hazard man (unsure at this time to whom) and they had James Hazard – He is the one spoken of in the Will of Janey Chagum the 1st – I’m in need of “any” land deeds in Charlestown Rhode Island and those on New Shoreham (Block Island) Rhode Island – I am working on the connection from Long Island (How “Great” James Chagum married Janey (unsure of lineages at moment) and had my James Chagum of Barkhamsted Lighthouse Tribe in Barkhamsted CT.

I believe the “Great” Signifies the lineage of Chieftainship because during this time “Long Island Indians” no longer were to be called “Chief’s” or Sachems – The Cockenoe/Chegonoe lineage was integrated with the Block Island land owners and that is proven in the “servitude” to John Rathbone of their daughter Betty – many of them owned our Natives – including Thomas Terry, The Sands family and had dealing with the Dodge family – these families where coming for the Newport/Oyster Bay areas – slavery was beginning once they realized the attraction to alcohol – crimes was settled with servitude – beginning of slavery for the Natives – Little by little the story is piecing together for me – This line will be covering from the beginning of immigration to this country and the Native American being called “extinct” – this Chagum line – is the “American Story” the true “Native American Story” – Once I was able to confirm the “Ninegret connection” and proof of lands which clearly states still in the possession of “James” whom was also referred to as “Great James” in Charlestown – it tied the Narraganset story into it – which includes the “praying towns” and the Brotherton Indians into it – Many of the “famous Native American Preacher” was involved with this line Reverends/Teachers- Samson Occom – Joseph Fish – Roger Williams – John Eliot of the Eliot Bible – 1st book “ever” published in this country and was 1st interrupted by my Cockenoe/Cheganoe in his “tongue” Algonquian language – This story is finally coming together – and such a heart wrenching story it is – many died from foreign disease, killings, kidnappings, wars – but yet here I stand! I’m just uncovering the whole of the picture – have lots to add – anyone wanting to help or contribute all is appreciated – All of this is work of others before me – things written and researched before me – I’m just putting it all together and bringing the story together – if it is written about my family – I believe it should be included in that person’s part of history – I’m only the organizer – Any and ALL help is appreciated!

Note from Coni: I have all these documents below ~

1st is the will and abstract of the will for Janey Chagum/Chagam wife to “Great James Chagum”

2nd is the Court Case of Sarah Chagum vs. Edward Robinson – 2 different dates but of same case

blanks are words I just can’t make out/unreadable – typed as written~

Will of Janey Chagam – Transcribed by Coni Dubois 8/8/2011Charlestown March of 22 day in the Second year of the ___ King George the third over Great Brittan __ and in the year of our Lord Christ 1762

I Janey Chagam of Charleston in King County in the Colony of Rhode Island __(of) being of perfect mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament that unto (into) say first I will that all my funeral charges and just debts be paid in reasonable time after my deacas by my execater hereafter named out of my estate.

Items I give and bequeath into my will beloved Grandson James Hazard son of my daughter Janey Chagam all my personal estate item I likewise give to my said Grandson all my rights and property of lands in said Charleston belonging to Nenigrett and his tribe of Indians said lands that I claime in now in the posesion of Jams Chogam and was given to me by the present Sacham Thomas Nenegrett Father George Nenigrett __ Item I likewise give to my said Grandson James Hazard all my right and tile of land lying on New Shoreham in the county of Newport and Colony above said to him his heirs and asign forever item my will is that my Grandson James keep and maintain me in sufficient meet, drink, clothing, washing and lodging during my natural life and at my deceas to give a decent buryal and I due appoint ordain my said Grandson James my whole and sole Executor of this my last Last will and testament hereby acknowledging and Disannulling all other former wills Leaguels and bequeaths ratifying and confirming this and do other to be my last will and testament in witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal the date afore written

Sign Sealed and delivered by the Jeaney Chogam as her last will and testament

The word and property was _______(inbrothed?) before signing and sealing

In presence of us 

Peleg   Cross                       Her

Jonathan Ladd         Janey   X  Chogam  (+) seal (which is a circle with a cross in it)

John Welch                       Mark

_____________ (?) Town Clerk

Abstract of Will for Janey Chagam

Chagam, Janey, female, Indian, of Ch. Will dated 22 Mar 1762, proved 1st Mon Apr 1762, pg 55. Mentions: Daughter Janey Chagam. Grandson James Hazard son of daughter Janey Chagam. Land in Ch belonging to Neigrett & his tribe in Indians, said land now in the possession of James Chagam & was given me by the Present Sacham Thomas Nenigrett, Father George Nenigrett. Land in New Shoreham.

Witn: Peleg Cross, Jonathan Ladd, John Welch.

Sarah Chagum vs. Edward Robinson

Venture Smith and the Business of Slavery and Freedom by James Brewer Stewart, James O. Horton

Page 122 Reference #: 29: As is often the case with Algonquian names written in English in the Colonial period, the name “Chauqum” was spelled in a variety of phonetically similar ways, including “Charquin,” “Chaugum,” and “Chagum” Sarah Charquin v. Edward Robinson, King’s Country, Court of Common Pleas, January 1733, Record A:121 a rehearsing, by special order of the Geneal Assembly, confirm the former Judgment: Sarah, daughter of Jane Chagun v. Edward Robinson, Newport Country Superior Court Record b:481, RISJRC.

Case 1 Jan 1733

King’s County Inferior Court of Common Pleas – Vol A 1731-1741Series Record Book

Sarah a Molotto Woman now of South Kingstown in the Country of King’s County Spinster Daughter to Jane Charguin an Indian Woman of said South Kingstown, Plantiff in an action of the case damages paid 80 pounds currant money of New England – Edward Robinson of New London is the County of New London in the Colony of Connecticut – Shopkeeper Defendant – The Defendant made default Wherefore it is Considered by this Court that the said Sarah Recover and have of the said Edward the sum of 55  pounds currant money of New England and Cost of the Court taxed at the £2 -17-8

Case 2 Sept 1734

Superior Court of Judicature, Court of Assize and General Goal Delivery – Vol. B 1730-1741:

Sarah a Molatto Women now of Soth Kingstown in the County of Kings County & Colony aforesaid Spinster Daughter of Jane Chagum an Indian Woman of said South Kingstown Plaintiff/By an Special Order of the General Assembly of the Colony aforesaid as their sessions held at the Newport in the County of Newport within aforesaid Colongy the forth Wednsday of May Plan/in the action of the case Edward Robinson of New London in the County of New London in the Colony of Connecticut an Shopkeeper at the Inferiour Court of Common Pleas held at the South Kingstown within aforesaid County of Kings County on the fourth tuesday of January _____ _____ Where the said Edward by his attorney made default and the said Sarah recovered judgement against the said Edward for the sum of 55 pounds current money of New England and cost of Court taxed at _ 2_8. As Samuel Richards of New London aforesaid/Who sold the Sarah to the said Edward as a Slave/being called in Court to make his apppearance  defend this ____  ________

to a Precept granted by Thomas Prentice Esq  a Justice of the Peace for New London aforesaid & served on him  by Richard Burch a constable there, and said Samuel Richards made default, whereupon the case was pleaded by the attornies for Plth & Defend. & then committed to the jury, The Verdict of the jury – We find a confirmation of the former judgment & case in court – The verdict accepted – case taxed at __19  ___


Mr Caleb Hill Foreman       Mr Ebenezar Cook       Mr Nathanael Sheltson

Mr John Weaver                  Mr James Carr                Mr Job Lawton

Mr John Cogges(?)hall       Mr Benjamin Inmans       Mr James Nichole

Mr Saumel Baily                 Mr Benjamin Bennels         Mr Francis Sanford


I’ve been a family Genealogist/Native American Researcher for over 30+ years and have traced over 65,000+ people for my research - My main area of research is in MI, IN, CT, NY, RI, PA, MA, VA, VT, NJ, OH, KY, Block Island & Long Island areas - dealing with many of the colonial people & tribes in these locations.

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