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Chauvin Sculpture Garden by Artist Kenny Hill

4/20/2007 I went to the Chauvin Sculpture Garden, I can’t explain the beauty of this artist’s talents (Pictures in the photo album) Will be a place I visit often….I had meet this artist about 10 years ago and had just started on the tower..AMAZING!

History / Biography on Artish Kenny Hill:

Little is known about the reclusive Kenny Hill, a bricklayer by trade, born around 1950. In 1988, he settled on some property on the bayou in Chauvin (pronounced show-van), Louisiana — population 3,400. Hill pitched a tent as his home and, over time, built a small rustic home that demonstrated an interesting use of space and attention to detail. Then in 1990, without explanation, he began transforming his lush bayou environment into a fantastic chronicle of the world is seen through his eyes.

Less than a decade later, more than 100 primarily religious concrete sculptures densely pack the narrow, bayou-side property. The sculptures are a profound mixture of Biblical reference, Cajun colors, and the evident pain and struggle of the artist’s life. Most are guided, supported, or lifted by seemingly weightless angels — black, white, male, female, baby, or soldier. The angels, each unique, some inviting passage, others prohibiting, vary from blue skinned, bare-footed, and sightless to regal angels clad in medieval garb with the black boots of the local shrimp fishermen.

The most prominent piece is a 45-foot-tall lighthouse, composed of 7,000 bricks, with figures clinging to the outside: cowboys, soldiers, angels, God and Hill himself. A walk through this sculpture environment is an emotional experience, evoking a sense of deep spirituality but also personal pain.

Hill placed himself in many of the scenes: he rides a horse; carries Christ’s cross; stands with long hair and a beard, his heart bleeding; and shows his face painted half black and white, suggesting the artist’s struggle between good and evil.

During the ten-plus years he lived on the property and created his art, he was adamant that the work was just for him — he felt no need to share it. Hill repeatedly denied requests for access to photograph or publicize his work but reportedly declared it a “story of salvation” for the local residents.

Neighbors have created a picture of Hill as a man who, by the time he abandoned his art in early January 2000, was deeply troubled and left not only his art and his home, but also abandoned the religion that had come to dominate his life. Evicted by the parish for not keeping the grass and weeds under control, Hill disappeared on foot, but not before knocking the head off of the sculpture of Jesus.

The site has been gifted to nearby Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana. When former NSU Art Professor Dennis Sipiorski tried to prompt Hill to expound on the site’s meaning by asking, “Is this your vision?” Hill replied, “It’s about living and life and everything I’ve learned.”

In 2002 the site was officially opened to the public with the dedication of the new Nicholls State University Folk Art Studio, a gift of Kohler Foundation. For information or to arrange a tour of the site, call the NSU Folk Art Studio at 985-594-2546 or Jenny Authement, Coordinator Chauvin Sculpture Garden and NSU Art Studio. (985) 688-4752.


The Kenny Hill Sculpture Environment is located near Chauvin in the Parish of Terrebonne, Louisianna, on the left descending bank of Bayou Little Caillou, about 19 miles below Houma, Louisianna — roughly 90 minutes south of New Orleans.

From New Orleans, take I-310 West, then Exit I-130 via ramp at sign reading "US-90 W to Houma" and go southwest for 21.5 miles. Continue on access road at sign reading "US-90/LA-3198 to Houma/Raceland" and go west for 0.4 miles. Turn left on US-90 and go southwest for 90 feet. Continue southwest on LA-182 for 4.4 miles. Turn left (southeast) on LA-316 for 2.5 miles. Turn right (southwest) on LA-3087 for 1.9 miles. Turn left on LA-24 (East Main Street) and go southeast for 2.8 miles. Turn right (northwest) on Marie Lane for 120 feet to Chauvin.

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I’ve been a family Genealogist/Native American Researcher for over 30+ years and have traced over 65,000+ people for my research - My main area of research is in MI, IN, CT, NY, RI, PA, MA, VA, VT, NJ, OH, KY, Block Island & Long Island areas - dealing with many of the colonial people & tribes in these locations.

One thought on “Chauvin Sculpture Garden by Artist Kenny Hill

  1. I knew Julius Neil very well. His property was right next to Kenny Hill’ S Sculpture Garden. He new Kenny and use to supply meals for him. On occasion. When Kenny left Julius looked after the Garden to prevent damage to it until the Koehler Foundation bought it. I think Julius Neil should be given credit for what he did. He has since passed. His daughter lives across from the Garden and would have more information about her Dad an Kenny Hill.

    Jim Martin


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