Person Reports by Coni

Individual Reports of People of Interest

in Coni Dubois Research 2018

1.  James Chagum by Coni Dubois – done 1/24/18

2. Mary/Molly Barber/Barbour – done 1/24/18

3. Reuben Barber by Coni Dubois – done 1/24/18

Disclaimer: The information within this work came from various historical books, vital records, genealogy websites and family members, all I can prove has been sourced and credited. I do not have the sources of their information, and cannot guarantee their accuracy. As the administrator of this work and the information compiled within, I ask that no editing or coping be made without the expressed consent of me or my immediate heirs. I have excluded dates of birth for any living persons for privacy reasons.
Throughout this document, I have added my personal notes and thoughts!
Signature: Coni Dubois Date: 2000-2018
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