My office is finally done!

For 2 years now I have been working on my office – finally done with it! Getting ready to go back to full time researching! 

Bought several pieces at local pawnshop – found a used baby changer for $30.00 and converted into table for my printer station for books/paperwork/scanning/printing. 

I AM SO HAPPY with final product! Now to get back to researching! Will be so much easier with setup! 

Total cost abt $1500.00 + 2 yrs in making & getting most on sale or used pieces picked up here & there~

3 Comments on “My office is finally done!

  1. Hi Coni, You very kindly put a message on LinkedIn for my e mail address. For some unknown reason I could not answer you. Anyway here is my e mail – How are you coping with your new office now you are far more organized. I bet you enjoy your work even more. I am the same, I have to be organized I cannot stand having lots of untidy stuff around me, especially now that I study Linear B. I have 2 large bookcases full of files just for this and will soon need another one.Well good luck in all you do Coni Love your blog.


  2. My greatest pet-peeve is not being organized and the office will help me get all my ducks in a row – been trying to do it out of boxes and boxes of documents/records/books – & now having my office is making it much easier to ‘find’ what I am needing – I have so much to still add – now it will be easier to get things done! I love what I do and love researching but hated being so disorganized – so office was created! I know that you had several of my links on your blog and wanted to make sure none were broken links for you~ Hugs and appreciate the praise~


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