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DNA Projects I am in (Coni (Allen) Dubois) through Family Tree DNA

I am in in SEVERAL projects on Family Tree DNA
(Just starting to figure it all out)

These are my KEY DNA Projects I am focusing on!

HVR1 & HVR2 below are my matching numbers in the projects~coni-dubois-dna-project-matches-12-31-16_page_1coni-dubois-dna-project-matches-12-31-16_page_2coni-dubois-dna-project-matches-12-31-16_page_3coni-dubois-dna-project-matches-12-31-16_page_4coni-dubois-dna-project-matches-12-31-16_page_5coni-dubois-dna-project-matches-12-31-16_page_6